WNW Reader Live Report From WWE Live In Leeds, England

Wrestling News World reader Sam Glendenning attended Thursday's WWE live event in Leeds, England. Below is a report he sent:

WWE Live in Leeds Results from the First Direct Arena 

1 - Prime Time Players Def. Hunicho & Camacho

2 - Ryback Def. Justin Gabriel

3 - The Bella Twins Def. AJ & Tamina

4 - The Great Khali Def. Jinder Mahal

- Paul Heyman cut a promo in the ring, Punk came out to a huge ovation, Ryback & Axel left Heyman alone with Punk, The Wyatt's came down after Heymans beating and Bryan made the save, setting up the next match -

5 - CM Punk & Daniel Bryan Def. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan W/ Bray Wyatt

6 - The Usos Def. Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre

7 - IC Title Match - Curtis Axel Def. R-Truth

8 - WHC Match - John Cena Def. Alberto Del Rio

- John Cena spoke after the show and went round the ring celebrating with the fans to end the show.

Really good show for WWE's first time in Leeds!

Top 5 Pops

1 CM Punk
2 John Cena
3 Daniel Bryan
4 R-Truth
5 The Great Khali/The Usos

Top 5 Heel Heat

1 Paul Heyman
2 Alberto Del Rio
3 The Wyatt Family
4 Ryback
5 Curtis Axel

  • Mark freeman

    Last night was my first live show after watching wwe/f for nearly 30 years. I can safely say Vincent will never turn cena. All through the night everybody got the right level of pops and heat, yet when cenas music hit the place was deafening. I’ve been to major sporting finals and saw my team win in front on 90000 people and not heard noise like it. Add to that every other person had something John cena related. The kid at the side of me fell asleep at the half time, yet woke up briefly to shout what’s up, then was wide awake screaming madly at cena.