WNW YouTube - Bombshell Regarding John Morrison's Expired WWE Contract, Triple H Injured, More Wrestling News

In my latest YouTube report on the official Channel of WrestlingNewsWorld.com I have an exclusive report on John Morrison's expired WWE contract, reveal Triple H is legitimately injured and more. You can watch the report embedded in the video below:

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  • Dave L

    WOW! great Exclusive!

  • @Commishg19

    What are the the two posters? (if they are posters) on the wall of either side of the Triple H doll.

    • wnwdotcom2

      Just some ROH DVD's I have in my collection. I felt it added to the "feel" of the video, especially until I get my office setup.

      • @Commishg19

        Ah cool, l like it!!!

  • huz

    I like the new setup and background, great work!

    • wnwdotcom2

      Thanks! I'm going to switch it up for now until I get into my new office. Hopefully at that point I'll have something a little more permanent.

  • larry

    i called it, i said nash botched that powerbomb, i have been saying for 3 months, he cracked something. The look on hhh face was of real pain, he landed so awkardly.

    • Ian P.

      Totally with you Larry! I was saying how unsafe Nash has been and I have been getting flack for it too.

  • Jameson

    should look into using a green screen! love the vids richard.

  • drhaase

    great new feature to the site Richard. the JoMo Exclusive got me and i'm sure many others to click and watch. also a great move with the backdrop to give your newsroom a setting. YouTube has proven to be a great networking tool for my band, and i'm sure it will do wonders for you guys…awesome new feature

  • sabreshbk

    Just wondering on Jomo. They have been mentioning more than often. When they release someone they hardly say anything but with jomo its a lot more. Plus why not give him a 90 days clause when they give it to everyone else. It shows that they might have agreed on something and is just keeping it a secret. This is making me thinking he will not go to TNA and possibly just heal up and come back around Rumble time or sometime after that.

  • Ilyas Omar

    I hope Triple H does come back to WWE,because he's a talented WWE Superstar,that everyone has liked for many years.And John Morrison who cares about him.