WNW YouTube – Discussing Chris Benoit Biopic & Why The WWE PPV Model Is Outdated

Embedded in the video below is my latest exclusive YouTube video report.  In it, I discuss plans for an upcoming biopic on Chris Benoit as well as the troubling preliminary buyrate numbers for WWE Hell in a Cell and WWE Vengeance.  Remember to subscribe to the all new WrestlingNewsWorld.com YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/wnwnews:

Remember to subscribe to the all new WrestlingNewsWorld.com YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/wnwnews!

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  • Tone

    I like this. keep up the good work!!

    • wnwdotcom2


    • Dave L


  • Eloy

    I'm not a premium member, but you guys treat all your readers like premium members. Signing up for the bonus is exactly that, a bonus!!

  • Tim

    Couldnt find a way to email you but skip Sheffield worked a match at the ft lauderdale house show and beat Alex riley

  • Cory

    I am really enjoying these Richard. Great work!

  • Nostaljack

    I like the idea of this – though it is "good weird" to actually *see* you speaking when I'm so used to just hearing you. My only minor complaint is with the quality. It is very rough (it says 360 but it looks like less) and the picture is stretched. I have a YouTube channel as well (it's for my work) and we record at 720. We do it with an iPhone 4S and the added resolution is *totally* worth it. Just an FYI…

  • Mike Hartman

    Love the YT vids, Rich. I agree that the WWE PPV model has needed a fix for a number of years and I have been screaming from the mountaintops for a bi-monthly 6 PPV a year schedule.