WNW YouTube - Orton's Return Delayed, Evan Bourne Suspended Again, New US Champion

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Richard Gray of http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com reveals the new date for Randy Orton's return to WWE TV, talks about Evan Bourne being suspended for a second time, Mr. Anderson returning to TNA, Ted DiBiase gets food poisoning, Jack Swagger is United States Champion, Liam Neeson shoots down McMahon rumor.

  • angie

    finally a clean shaven Richard thought you were sporting the Brian Wilson look in your previous video blog

    • Jay

      Clean shave = woman or child.
      Everyone knows real men have beards

  • Russell boulware

    I am happy that swagger won the belt hopefully next the Wwe title.

  • Chowder

    I guess it’s safe to say Evan loves to get… high! Dohohoho. But seriously, what a shame and a waste.

  • kqbooker

    They are making Jack Swagger look like a chump, how you go from World Heavyweight Champion to uS champion. It goes the other way around.


    Tough times for Barrett ahead, thats for sure!!!

  • HPK

    Like I stated before , Peeps…He is careless with His recreational choices , like many other wrestlers are , and He got pinched !!!