WNW YouTube - Randy Orton's Return, 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame, Kurt Angle's Guarantee, WWE PPV Schedule

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Richard Gray of http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com reveals the return date of Randy Orton, talks about the debut of Antonio Cesaro, the on sale date of the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Chris Jericho's return to the road, Velvet Sky rumors, Beth Phoenix & Chelsea Handler, WWE PPV schedule for 2012, Kurt Angle's big guarantee and more.

  • Leonardo

    Are you growing a beard because you are turning heel?

  • Alex

    Kurt Angle can't complain about someone using the Ankle Lock, he stole it from Ken Shamrock.

    • Ranveer

      angle says he started using it only after shamrock retired…. says swagger is disrespecting him by not waiting till he retires to start using it

      • Dave, I used to get told I looked like Maven when I used to be bald! And yeah, with a few ncehgas, the WWE could be huge, but until they change the way they hire talent and eradicate the current glass ceiling, fans won’t stay long term. Also, I forgot to add one thing: all the awesome theme songs! Who doesn’t want their own theme song?

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