WNW YouTube - WWE Developmental Update, Kurt Angle's Latest Outburst, Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Embedded in the video below is today's YouTube Report. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/user/wnwnews:

Richard Gray of http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com discusses the WWE developmental mess, Kurt Angle's latest Twitter outburst, reveals the musical acts scheduled for Wrestlemania XXVIII, talks about an angle WWE is doing with Daniel Bryan's girlfriends and more.

  • Tone

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  • Andrew

    Good stuff Richard, always enjoy your YouTube offerings, can see your love for the scene!

  • wnwdotcom2

    Thanks guys!

  • Jay

    Great Video but Richard can you not just show your face? I find it rather annoying when you keep moving your hands throughout the video, its hard to watch like that 😛 better to just show your face I think.