WNW YouTube - WWE Live Event Match Stopped, JR Returns, Edge's WWE Contract Status, Devon Back To TNA?, Beth Phoenix Leaving, WWE's Deal With Hulu, Roode Injured

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Richard Gray discusses why a WWE live event match was stopped this weekend, reveals that Jim Ross will fill in for Jerry Lawler on this week's Raw, discusses Edge's WWE contract status, will Devon be back with TNA this week?, WWE's multimillion dollar deal with Hulu, Bobby Roode breaks his nose, Beth Phoenix leaving and more.

  • jules kimmy

    oh god…here we go again with wwe stopping matches because of a little blood. smh

  • samantha_reichle

    When I first heard your voice a few years ago, I was thinking you were old and fat, but last year when I saw you and now, I think you are really handsome.

    • Topherrulez

      Yeah me too! Sexy man …. Sexy man

      • Richard Gray


  • Alex P

    I love the vids Rich keep them coming!

    • Richard Gray

      Glad you enjoy Alex!