Impact Review 11/12/2014; New TNA Tag Team Champions

Last week’s show ended with Lashley spearing Roode after the match. MVP wanted help in getting up but Lashley refused and walked down the ramp alone. This signaled that Lashley has his sights set on Bobby Roode and his rematch clause but is also now no longer with MVP. Since MVP chose to be selfish […]

11/5/2014 Impact Wrestling Review

The show starts off with Kurt Angle in the middle of the ring. Kurt introduced the new champion Bobby Roode. He made a speech about how grateful he is to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and how important this is to him. The speech felt like we had all heard this before. The speech […]

Impact Wrestling 10/29/2014- A New Champion Is Crowned

The time has finally come for Bobby Roode to get one more chance at Lashley’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship. We can assume that this would be his last shot at Lashley’s title if he does not win. Ever since he lost at No Surrender, Roode has continuously come out to the ring and demanded another […]

Impact Wrestling 10/22/14; A New Tournament Begins

The tag team division was starting to gain momentum and look that the division was the most exciting that the division has possibly ever been once the Hardys and Team 3D joined. They had amazing matches with The Wolves, which eventually led to the three of them having a best of three tag team series. […]

Impact Wrestling 10/15/2014

First on the show, we saw Kurt Angle address the main event picture. He announced that Bobby Roode would face Eric Young, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy in a fatal four way match that night. The winner of the match would be the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. All four of these […]

Blog Zone: No Surrender

Welcome to another Blog Zone. I still question why No Surrender is even happening as I feel the X-Division title match and the World Title match could have been saved until Bound for Glory. All the other stuff is fine for an Impact taping. I think those title matches could really benefit from more build […]

Blog Zone: Tag Team Matches Galore

Tonight I am going into Impact a little more optimistic than I have been the last few weeks. I am mainly looking forward to the Storm and Sanada vs Aries and Tajiri match. The only problem I do have is this show is tag team heavy from the start and while I love the resurgence […]

Blog Zone: There’s The Door, There’s The Ring

Welcome to the Blog Zone. Sorry for this being late but I have a lot going and TNA hasn’t had anything that make me want to stop and watch. This week I had a hard time trying to find the want to watch the show. I watch the first hour on Wednesday night and then […]

Blog Zone: Total Nonstop Action At Least For An Hour

This is Impact’s first Wednesday night. I love the move personally because I have nothing to watch on Wednesday and I have said since I was a kid that I wish wrestling was on Wednesdays! Since this show was taped before they knew they would move it’s hard to say that TNA needs to deliver. […]

Blog Zone: Destination X

Destination X is here. Usually this is my favorite PPV/Special Event from TNA. This year not so much. I was very much looking forward to it, but I did have my doubts. First I knew that the Hardys vs the Wolves was going to be a great match. I was also looking forward to Austin […]

Blog Zone: Decisions, Returns, And Debuts

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Blog Zone. I had a lot to say this week so this intro will be short. Another week of the NYC tapings and the week before Destination X. Impact has been on the right track lately with great shows. Hopefully the streak continues this week and we have another good […]