Landau’s Landscape: Analyzing The Ring Work in SummerSlam.

Admittedly, the title is a bit misleading. It should read OVERanalyzing The Ring Work in SummerSlam. But since you’re here, you might as well read this over-analysis. I think SummerSlam 2013 was the best PPV I have ever seen in terms of overall enjoyment, potentially rivaled only by MITB 2011. While not every match was […]

Landau’s Landscape IV: The Future is Bright

Landscape IV is not going to be about the present state of wrestling in general – that topic got bumped AGAIN. “Come on Guy! You’ve been promising it since Landscape II! It doesn’t matter how awesome and handsome you are, this is inexcusable!” You are right, nonexistent adoring fan, I AM awesome and handsome. In […]

Landau’s Landscape III: Cena & Smarks

Landscape III’s topic has changed twice in 20 minutes. The original idea is hinted in the next paragraph (as it’ll probably be Landscape IV). It was changed to my perception of good ring work, with the aforementioned topic being pushed back to Landscape IV, as already stated. So I started writing it, while watching Survivor […]

Landau’s Landscape II: X-Division

I was actually conflicted in regards to what to write Landscape II about, between TNA’s X Division and Wrestling Storylines in general. Since Landscape I was about WWE specifically, I decided to go with TNA for landscape II, and I’ll go into general wrestling next time. So here we go onto X Division land. *When […]