The Smackdown Breakdown – Walk Owens Walk

Welcome once again everybody to another edition of the Smackdown Breakdown here on WNW. We could talk about so many things to open up this weeks installment but I think right now the biggest news around the world of wrestling is the termination of Hulk Hogan’s contract with WWE. I completely agree with what WWE […]

RAW Is Blogged – WWE Breaks Out The Cruiserweight Security Guards Division

What an wild week! First all those rumors of Taker possibly appearing sometime soon in the WWE, and those rumors were everywhere! My youngest, Sam, was away at camp, only had her phone at night in her bunk, and she still knew Taker was rumored to appear. Yes, she’s a great little smark, but still! […]

Tough Stuff – Humility, Injuries, And Shocks

Welcome to WNW’s weekly Tough Enough blog, Tough Stuff! Last week, we saw Gabi make an utter fool of herself and be eliminated because of it, Patrick ruffle Mada the wrong way, and Sara Lee redeem herself by standing up to Paige! This week, the competitors will be tackling an obstacle course, meeting Natalya and Big Show, and we will have our first […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – Heading Into Battleground

Whats up everybody and welcome to another action packed edition of the Smackdown Breakdown, right here on Wrestling News World (Cheap pop Mick Foley style). We are headed into Battleground this weekend which promises to be a super interesting show. For more on what the WNW staff think will happen this Sunday (Including my theory […]

Tough Stuff – Sara Lee Vs. The World, Just Without The Evil Exes

Welcome to WNW’s weekly Tough Enough blog, Tough Stuff! Last week, we saw Daria fall, literally and figuratively, a complete lack of professionalism from WWE with how they handled Dianna’s departure from the show, and Seth Rollins give the newbies character pointers. This week, the competitors will be getting a new barracks buddy in Chelsea, and some BAD NEWS from the current King […]

RAW Is Blogged – And Stick It up Your Chernobyl, Buddy

I’m back! Now, I have to admit that my changes in thought on Brock didn’t just happen this week. You would have found me softening last week if Jesse hadn’t been able to lie, cheat, and steal the RIB from me last week. Actually, I have to thank Jesse for taking the RIB for me […]

The Smackdown Breakdown – Seth Runs Scared…..Again

Hello once again everybody and welcome to this weeks edition of the Smackdown Breakdown. It’s been a good week in WWE since my last edition, with the company putting on a very solid show in Japan with the Beast in the East show. From the amazing opening match between Neville and a returning Chris Jericho, […]