RAW Is Blogged – Love Them Until They Hate Him!

I have the feeling that I need to start this Blog with a disclaimer the way ‘The Choice’ Matt Andrews does as I can see this Blog getting people screaming at me. Yes, I took this directly from ‘The Choice’ as it’s so beautifully written. Therefore – This is a Blog, not a news article! […]

2011 WWE/TNA Year In Review

2011 has been a crazy year for me, and probably a lot of people, but it has also been a crazy year in WWE and TNA. I wanted to make this blog to look back of the huge moments in both companies during 2011. With this being the last day of 2011, why not take […]

The Landau Rundown/Weekly Rundown – Introduction

Hello everyone, this is the first in a series of weekly articles as a new feature here on the site – Every Monday prior to RAW (excluding this article and pending reader feedback) I will do a rundown (hence the title) of the week that was in the WWE, citing happenings I perceived as positive and […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Kim’s Saved By A Rayney Day

Getting through the holidays is always tough. Even when perfectly healthy, the holidays take a lot out of you. While I know it’s sucky to be sick through the holidays, I can’t imagine what Matt Morgan has been going through. Losing someone close is always a shock, no matter how sick or how long they’ve […]

RAW Is Blogged – Kane Running Wild On Cena!

I’m not usually one for the ‘holiday season’ as I’ve been sick more often than not the past couple years. My serious health issues of the past couple years (even though I’ve dealt with Crohn’s Disease my entire life) started with me in hospital started Christmas 2009 (luckily my first Christmas in hospital). It was […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Who’s Pulling The Strings?

Even though I got negative comments the last time I did this, I’m doing it again because an amusing idea came up today. Yes, I am doing another interview! Basically I was shooting the bull about wrestling, the HOF, Edge and Flair with Chris Storm (WNW resident bad-boy commenter, yet interesting and creative wrestling fan) […]

Landau’s Landscape IV: The Future is Bright

Landscape IV is not going to be about the present state of wrestling in general – that topic got bumped AGAIN. “Come on Guy! You’ve been promising it since Landscape II! It doesn’t matter how awesome and handsome you are, this is inexcusable!” You are right, nonexistent adoring fan, I AM awesome and handsome. In […]

RAW Is Blogged – Pinch Me, Am I Dreaming?

I had a total blast Sunday night! Between the TLC Live Blog, the interesting Tweets, Rikki coming up with 9-0 on her predictions even though she’s the least manic wrestling fan of the group of us, Rikki winning a signed EY poster, and Gesus’ drunken texts after winning an autographed picture of The Brain while […]

WWE Predicts – Tables, Ladders & Chairs

Ken Sunday the WWE presents TLC from Baltimore, Maryland. I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to this PPV. Many of the matches on the card are both interesting and well built. Even better, it looks as though Cena might not be at the event. Personally I think it’s about time! Nothing against […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – They Broke The Mold…

I have to say that going into Final Restitution, I mean Final Resolution, I had high hopes, yet I also had some worries. That card looked solid. Even the Knockouts Match looked as though it could have been good. But then we had to worry about Hogan, Bisch, Russo and even Dixie! None of them […]

Tribute To The Troops Blog – 2011

I have to say that I enjoy the Tribute To The Troops as much or more than most of the PPVs through the year. All the wrestlers really seem to throw everything of themselves into this show. I will admit that I’m a bit bummed that the show has been stateside for the second year […]

RAW Is Blogged – Who Was That Masked Man?

I was surprised to read about Cena having a tough month, personally. I think a lot of us forget that these are real people with real lives outside of the WWE (or TNA/IW). What I found really heartwarming was the comments on the WNW page talking about Cena having a hard month. Most people agreed […]

TNA/IW Predicts – Final Resolution

Ken This Sunday, December 11, 2011, TNA/IW will present Final Resolution from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. While I enjoy TNA/IW PPVs more than most, I prefer when they’re outside the Zone as the crowd there is a bit burnt out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this PPV will be as good as […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Abyss Gets Freaky & Karen Gets Weepy

I will fully admit that I am thrilled November is over! NaNoWriMo about kicked my bum for the first time ever. I have participated for nine years and completed every year, but this was the hardest. On the other hand, this is the first year that the dawn broke on December first and I wanted […]