TNA/IW Blog Zone – Easy Come, Easy Go

I have been sitting around all day trying to figure out what to write about. Everything has distracted me from writing today. My brain is mulling, but it hasn’t reached my fingers so neither this nor my novel have progressed at all. I was starting to get worried that you were going to have to […]

RAW Is Blogged – Hornswoggle’s Dream

I want to talk about Cena a little bit here. Richard said something in his Ask WNW segment today that really struck a nerve. I agree with Richard in how I think of wrestlers and how they move me. To me, as Richard said, there’s three things that make a great wrestler: their physicality and […]

IW Blog Zone – Joe Shows His Heel

I’ve been sitting here trying to get other bits of work done (NaNoWriMo), stewing the whole time. Yes, I read that one huge spoiler, but I also saw last week’s Impact rating. I spent much of this past week confused until I realized that coming off BFG many fans (IWC and not) wanted to see […]

RAW Is Blogged – Where’s Your Skateboard?

I know a lot of people are all up in arms about how the ring was broken at Vengeance. Some people thought it was lame and cheap because Big Show and Brock previously did the same. I can see where these people are coming from as it’s a big moment when Big Show and Brock […]