RAW Is Blogged – Who Was That Masked Man?

I was surprised to read about Cena having a tough month, personally. I think a lot of us forget that these are real people with real lives outside of the WWE (or TNA/IW). What I found really heartwarming was the comments on the WNW page talking about Cena having a hard month. Most people agreed […]

TNA/IW Predicts – Final Resolution

Ken This Sunday, December 11, 2011, TNA/IW will present Final Resolution from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. While I enjoy TNA/IW PPVs more than most, I prefer when they’re outside the Zone as the crowd there is a bit burnt out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this PPV will be as good as […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Abyss Gets Freaky & Karen Gets Weepy

I will fully admit that I am thrilled November is over! NaNoWriMo about kicked my bum for the first time ever. I have participated for nine years and completed every year, but this was the hardest. On the other hand, this is the first year that the dawn broke on December first and I wanted […]

RAW Is Blogged – Punk Pulls An Eddie

Watching the #1 Contender Match on SD and a thought came to mind. Bear with me and please debate it with me, but I see a sort of pattern. Both Dusty Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were huge names in their day, but both of their sons have also struggled to prove themselves on their own. […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Gobble Gobble

I’m sitting here after cooking for the better part of the day, after eating turkey, cranberry, lamb, mint jelly, potatoes, squash with cranberries, cranberry bread and drinking some amazing spiced caramel macchiato cider, and have nothing really to say. I love watching wrestling, talking about wrestling, writing about wrestling and cussing at wrestling video games […]

RAW Is Blogged – Dolph Is Punked

I have to say that Sunday night, during Survivor Series, was a total blast! The Live Blog was wonderfully interesting without being so overly full that I couldn’t enjoy it. WNW has some of the best readers online! I have to say it’s always possible to tell how good a Match is on a PPV […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Storming Around Backstage

As you must know, this past Sunday was the five year anniversary of Eddie’s death. Well, a few weeks ago my friend Gesus sent me a link for a wrestling Match on YouTube. I wondered what I was getting into, but then I watched the Match. It both brought tears to my eyes and made […]

RAW Is Blogged – Foley Was Rocked!

I’m sitting here now (before RAW) watching Jeopardy and wallowing in self pity. Prior to dating Stacy I had been fine with going to house shows in Portland (Maine), but he thought it would be fun to go to Boston to see the 900th RAW. I, of course, jumped at the idea. Then when the […]

TNA/IW Predicts – Turning Point

Ken Sunday November 13, TNA/IW is presenting Turning Point from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. While the card seems really over packed and some of the matches appeared to be last minute (of Impact) and thrown together (almost literally), I still expect a lot from this show. TNA/IW has pulled out their heavy hitters […]

IW Blog Zone – Vital Information…

I have to say that TNA/IW has managed a coup this week in partnering exclusively with Ohio Valley Wrestling. I thought WWE was daft for splitting with OVW after the time they’d been together and the amazing talent that came through there. Just to throw a few WWE names who are doing so well there […]

RAW Is Blogged – You Can’t Go Home Again

I stated that I would respond to commenters’ questions after my rant on Cole and the WWE over the verbal attack on JR and digestive disorders as a whole. I was asked what I would do in JR’s shoes (sigh, to be involved in the industry in such a was), but I’m still not sure. […]

TNA/IW Blog Zone – Easy Come, Easy Go

I have been sitting around all day trying to figure out what to write about. Everything has distracted me from writing today. My brain is mulling, but it hasn’t reached my fingers so neither this nor my novel have progressed at all. I was starting to get worried that you were going to have to […]

RAW Is Blogged – Hornswoggle’s Dream

I want to talk about Cena a little bit here. Richard said something in his Ask WNW segment today that really struck a nerve. I agree with Richard in how I think of wrestlers and how they move me. To me, as Richard said, there’s three things that make a great wrestler: their physicality and […]

IW Blog Zone – Joe Shows His Heel

I’ve been sitting here trying to get other bits of work done (NaNoWriMo), stewing the whole time. Yes, I read that one huge spoiler, but I also saw last week’s Impact rating. I spent much of this past week confused until I realized that coming off BFG many fans (IWC and not) wanted to see […]