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Tale Of The Tape – 2/27/15 Impact Wrestling

Sorry for posting this review so late in the week. I was actually away from civilization the entire weekend and didn’t catch the episode till Sunday. Just to get this out of the way, this episode was disappointing. It was mediocre when the UK Tour was the best thing going on for TNA. This week, […]

February Xplosion eXamination – Willow Returns, British Boot Camp 2

Hello TNA fans, and welcome back to the latest edition of Xplosion eXamination! In this article, I examine all of the Xplosion matches uploaded on TNA’s official YouTube channel from the month of February. Below each match breakdown, I have posted the match clip for you to watch! Mr. Anderson def. Rockstar Spud (2/3/15) I knew […]

The Other Brand

When I was 9 years old my father took me to what was then known as the James L Knight Center in downtown Miami, Florida. I remember not knowing why my dad was taking me there until we arrived and I saw those magical letters, WWF. My father and I had just returned from visiting […]

Who Is The Future Of TNA?

I have conducted some research on TNA’s roster. TNA’s roster is composed of 43 wrestlers. I did not include any non-wrestler. The average age of a wrestler on TNA’s roster is 33. There is a reason that I have done this research. Please be patient and allow me to make my point. Let me present […]

#TNANewsRoundup Audio Podcast Episode 18

With the UK shows now in full swing Mark Moore and Tod Sullivan bring you all the happenings from this week’s Impact Wrestling show on the latest installment of #TNANewsRoundUp audio podcast. The show featured the Grado vs Al Snow match and the debut of a new superstar. You can listen to the podcast below […]

I Need A Reason To Care About TNA

Yes, I am saying that I really need reason to care about the existence of TNA. I have not watched TNA when it’s on TV for maybe close to a year and a half. I always download Impact from bittorrent. But now they have been uploading Impact each week to YouTube so I’ve been watching […]

Drew Galloway Has Arrived!

The Scottish slayer has arrived! Drew Galloway debuted on TNA and received quite a pop from the crowd. I think TNA has landed a future major player. I think it’s great when a promotion brings in new blood and as a fan you wonder how he will be utilized. Will TNA use him right to […]

Where Did It All Go Wrong

WOW, well it seems like things are working out really well at TNA. The new regime is so great and successful that 3 of the most popular wrestlers in TNA decided to leave the company, WOW just wow. GREAT JOB!! You see what’s happening in TNA nowadays is really interesting but not in a good […]

Tale Of The Tape – 2/20/15 Impact Wrestling

The opening video incorporated the top five rankings and short highlights of each of the top five wrestlers. I thought that was a pretty cool idea to feature the wrestlers. It gave casual viewers some kind of reminder of who they should be looking out for. In this show, a #1 contender was crowned after […]

Where Does The Beat Down Clan Rank As Factions?

Since the formation of the Beat Down Clan (BDC) in 2014 I have been wondering will we remember this faction in 20 years? If you have a memory like the lead character in TV show “Unforgettable” a fan may remember them in the future. If you have watched TV show, you will get my point. […]

Drew Galloway Debuts, Mickie James Returns, New No. 1 Contender

Below are some news and notes from this week’s Impact Wrestling: – Drew Galloway, formerly known as Drew McIntyre in WWE, made his TNA Wrestling debut on this week’s Impact Wrestling. Galloway came down to the ring after The BDC attacked Al Snow and Grado. – Mickie James returned to the company since her departure in late […]