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Feast Or Fired Results, Matches On Next Week’s Impact

- Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, and Magnus won Feast or Fired briefcases on this week’s Impact Wrestling. Spud won the X-Division Title shot, Magnus won the Tag Team Title shot, and Aries won the World Title shot. Velvet Sky is “fired” because she grabbed the briefcase for Robbie E. – Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss […]

#TNANewsBooksImpact – January 23rd Impact Wrestling

Here we are with another week and that day approaching with a new Impact Wrestling. Last week’s show certainly surprised me on the way they produced the show. I liked and really enjoyed it. It really gave me an idea on how TNA Wrestling will make their shows look from now on. There’s lots of […]

Destination Impact – What To Expect On Tonight’s Live Show

Today is the day! January 7th… The day Impact Wrestling returns to TV with a live episode on their new home of Destination America! After tonight, Impact will air on Friday nights (in case you didn’t get the memo). There are lots of things going on right now with TNA Wrestling and I’m here to “advertise” and […]

#TNANewsBooksImpact – January 7th Live Episode

TNA Wrestling is back on television with new and original programming. Impact Wrestling will be live on Destination America on January 7th starting at 9PM ET. In my mind, a live show needs the sense of unpredictability. It needs to have people know that anything can happen. Beyond that, this is TNA’s first showing on […]

What TNA Wrestling Needs To Focus On In 2015: Unpredictability

Over the past several weeks I have been writing installments for the series “What TNA Wrestling Needs To Focus On In 2015“. The topics I am discussing is simply subjective through the eyes of my own. In the series, I mentioned the X-Division, match meaning, stories, and now I will be talking about one key […]

The Five-Count – One Night Only: Victory Road 2014 Review

The Five-Count is back once again here on TNANews.com! This time, I will be reviewing the major takeaways from TNA’s latest One Night Only pay-per-view, Victory Road. This monthly special featured several singles matches, two tag team matches, and a triple threat match as the TNA stars vied to get a spot in the main […]