R-Truth’s Transition, Scott Steiner In TNA, WWE Stars Forced To Remain In-Character?, Zack Ryder’s Title Loss

Is R-Truth a face or a heel? R-Truth is in another transition from heel back to babyface. How about his “I don’t even know if that’s PG!” line on Monday’s Raw Supershow? The character of R-Truth interests me because of how split WWE officials are regarding it. Vince McMahon sees Truth as a heel while […]

Rey Mysterio At Royal Rumble, Evan Bourne’s Career De-Railed, Randy Orton Return Update, Luke Gallows

Could you see Rey Mysterio returning to WWE at Royal Rumble later this month? Rey Mysterio has been pretty consistent that his goal is to return for Wrestlemania XXVIII in April. Obviously a return at Royal Rumble would mean he is ahead of his rehab schedule and would be kept a surprise. I’ve heard very […]

Scenarios For WWE Tag Team Title Change, Wrestlemania In The UK, Cold In New Jersey, WWE Purchasing Other Promotions

Do you think it was a good idea for Air Boom to drop the WWE Tag Team Championship at at yesterday’s Raw house show in Oakland, California? From time-to-time WWE will do a title change at a live event to keep the illusion that “anything can happen.” While rare, it does happen as we saw […]

Stables In The WWE Hall Of Fame, Lack Of Pure Wrestling, The Truth Behind The WWE Hall Of Fame, Who Makes The Wrestlemania Decision

What do you think of inducting stables into the WWE Hall of Fame? I’m against it and while I feel the Four Horseman are deserving, they are all equally worthy of being inducted individually. How can Ric Flair be inducted twice? I am all for the induction of the Four Horsemen into the WWE Hall […]

Randy Savage & The WWE Hall Of Fame, The Four Horsemen, The Other Side Of Vince McMahon, Booking Of Mark Henry

I know WWE usually only inducts one headliner into the Hall of Fame per year and this is year Edge is that headliner, however, what about Randy Savage? Don’t you think he should be inducted given his tragic passing last year? Randy Savage getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is a complicated issue […]

Chris Jericho’s Return Gimmick, John Cena’s Value Preventing Character Progression, Mysterio’s Return Date, Edge/WWE HoF

Obviously the Chris Jericho storyline is still developing…But is there going to be a woman involved somehow? Should we stop reading into anything else that was in the cryptic videos, especially with the girl that was in them? I haven’t heard of a female being involved in Chris Jericho’s return gimmick in WWE. As far […]