Impact Wrestling Results (5/9/13) – The Return Of The Monster

Impact Wrestling Results – 5/9/2013 From Tupelo, Mississippi Report by: Alex Barie of Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package. It shows the Matt Morgan and Hulk Hogan confrontation last week. Sting vs. Matt Morgan was made. Sting won and became the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. Sting is making a […]

TNA Impact Results 5/2/13 – Best In The Bus-I-Ness!

Impact Wrestling Results – 5/2/13 Indiana, PA Reported by – Kendra Bunyon of I am again covering the Impact Live Results, and Alex Barie will be writing the Blog Zone this week. Thanks for sticking with us as we juggle around jobs to get the best of everything out to you! Show Starts Video […]

Impact Results 4/25/13 – Hogan’s In Need Of A Hero

Alex Barie is attending the Impact showing live, so KB will be covering Live Results this week. To follow Alex’s adventure, make sure you follow him on Twitter at @AlexAssumptions. Also, make sure to check out for more information on TNA, and upcoming articles about Alex’s eperience at Impact. Show Starts Video Recap of […]

Impact Wrestling Results (4/11/13) – Full Metal Mayhem!!!

Impact Wrestling Results – 4/11/2013 From Corpus Christi, Texas Report by: Alex Barie of Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It starts with the AJ Styles story and how he isn’t the same anymore. Aces & 8s are trying to get him in the group but Hulk says TNA needs the dangerous […]

Impact Wrestling Results (3/21/13) – The 9 Month Story Is Revealed

Impact Wrestling Results – 3/21/2013 From Chicago, Illinois Report by: Alex Barie of Impact Wrestling starts out with a picture of Bully Ray with the Aces & 8s logo behind him. A video plays showing Bully Ray sitting backstage. He says he will tell us how he pulled everything off. It took 9 months […]

Impact Wrestling Results (3/7/13) – Keeping The VP On The D-Lo No Longer

XPlosion results: Eric Young beats Robbie E via an elbow drop. Impact Wrestling Results – 3/7/2013 From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida Report by: Alex Barie of Before the show starts, a picture shows Paul Bearer with his date of birth and date. In memorial of the great legend in the wrestling business. Impact […]

Impact Wrestling Results (2/21/13) – Hulk Hogan Returns To The Ring?

Impact Wrestling Results – 2/21/2013 From Wembley Arena in London, England Report by: Alex Barie of Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package about Jeff Hardy. Jeff was attacked about a month ago after his match with Daniels. He suffered a knee injury and we haven’t seen him in three weeks. Last week, […]