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Does WWE Enjoy Sticking It To Their Fans?

One of the most simple things we learn as we grow up is that it is okay to make mistakes just as long as we learn from them and do not replicate them. It would seem on the surface that this is something that WWE is all too often doing in continually making the same […]

Finally…. A Man Called Sting Calls WWE Home

In the 14 years since WWE purchased WCW there was constant question every fan asked since March 26, 2001 until November 23, 2014 was When is Sting going to come to WWE, when will he appear on WWE Programming? For 13 years we didn’t have an answer. Sting decided time and again to not come […]

The Five-Count: Bray Wyatt, Sting Appears On Raw, Royal Rumble Predictions

Welcome to the first edition of The Five-Count here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com’s WWENews.net! If you are new to this series, I’ll break it down for you real quick. Usually every weekend I post this weekly breakdown of what I liked, what I didn’t like, who was the superstar or diva of the week, the match of […]

I Was There

As wrestling fans, we all have our favorite memories. Whether that be attending a show or watching an epic match or pay-per-view, we all remember those moments that made us proud to be a wrestling fan. In the four years that I have been a wrestling fan, I can say I’ve been to six WWE […]

Five Modern Day Wrestlers That Could Thrive In ECW

The WWE Network is a magical thing. For a young wrestling fan like me who’s trying to learn more everyday, the WWE Network is such a valuable network! This week is ECW Week. Since I didn’t really know anything about the original ECW, I decided to stay up and watch ECW Exposed after Raw last night. The […]

My Problems With Night Of Champions

Night of Champions is always an interesting pay-per-view, in my opinion. We are coming off of the summer’s biggest event, SummerSlam, and we get to see new storylines, continued storylines, and every championship on the line. Something that I pointed out in The Five-Count this weekend was the fact that every championship match had decent […]

Randy Orton: The Legend Killer?

Something that writers often write about is their start with wrestling. How they got introduced, what company, favorite superstars, etc. All of those questions are eventually answered. To be honest, Randy Orton was my first favorite wrestler. 

It’s About Time

Going into SummerSlam, I was pretty sure we would only see one title change, and that would involve the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, we witnessed three title changes in one night! The one that shocked the most had to have been Dolph Ziggler winning the Intercontinental Championship. 

A Tribute To Santino Marella

Santino Marella has announced that he is retiring. Many fans have stated that they never were his biggest fan, but Santino holds a special place in my heart! I’ll always remember some of his biggest moments during his time in WWE.

The NXT Problem

Typically I would write a “What If” article on Wednesdays, but it ended up turning into my one problem with NXT. NXT is one of my favorite parts about WWE. I started watching FCW in it’s final months and I was very excited to see NXT transform into the new developmental territory. We have seen […]

What If Daniel Bryan Wasn’t Injured?

I’m back after a week of being away from the wrestling world! A big thanks to Chris Surrency for writing an edition of “What If” last week about Roddy Piper, which you can read here. I was sitting here thinking about what I’m going to write about next and I was thinking about Money in […]