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Why Does The Internet Wrestling Community Hate The Top Superstars?

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer’s and do not reflect those of WNW, WWENews, or any of the other writers on the site. I want to start this by saying that I’m not attacking any specific members of the IWC, I’m generalizing, and don’t want anyone to take this article personally […]

NXT Rank’d

Hello and welcome, to the newest wrestling news group: The Four Horsemen of NXT! This group consists of Wyatt Leves, Michael Christopher, Paul Rathert, and Dave Johnston. We will review certain or all NXT matches for that night, starting with the NXT episode of 2/25/15. Hideo Itami vs. Bull Dempsey-by Dave Johnston This match was […]

Wrestlemania Ladder Match Is Pointless

Now before I get into the bulk of this article let me state that I think the ladder match for the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania will be a spectacular stunt filled exhibition. Given the right combatants who are willing to take chances this match could very well steal the show as has countless other ladder […]

Are Battle Royals Best For Business?

It’s WrestleMania season, and we are just weeks away from the biggest event on the wrestling calendar. Everyone is in anticipation for what will be on the card, and then it was announced that the Andre Memorial Battle Royal will be returning this year to WrestleMania 31. Never mind that odd sensation that just came […]

Divas Are Wrestlers, Too!

If you blinked or sneezed or checked your Facebook you probably missed it. Believe it or not there was a Diva’s match on last night’s Raw in Nashville, TN. Only in the technical sense of the word, though. Let me replay the series of events for you: -Paige’s music hits and she comes down the […]

The Five-Count: Prime Time Reunion, Fast Lane Predictions

We are only hours away from WWE Fast Lane! I’m back with another edition of The Five-Count to give you all of my thoughts on this week and the build to the PPV. If you are new to this series, I’ll break it down for you real quick. Usually every weekend I post this weekly breakdown […]

Fast Lane (2015) Fantasy Card

If you are new to Fantasy Card allow me to introduce you to a fun and expressive monthly piece on an alternative card for every PPV in WWE. This is my personal card and booking, but I have some restraints on what I can do. I can’t contradict any outcomes from the previous PPV, and […]

The Future Is Coming

Just over a week ago we saw what’s becoming a regular sight, NXT put on a “special event” and while it may have started a bit on the slow side it exploded at the back end. A couple things that could be taken away from the show were that Baron Corbin has a high ceiling […]