Woman Incapacitated By Ken Shamrock Planning To File A Lawsuit; Mick Foley Discusses His Work With RAINN

-TMZ has an update on the situation involving Ken Shamrock incapacitating a woman during a fight in a California mall. The woman, Melinda Garcia, says that she intends to file a lawsuit if the police fail to press charges. Shamrock's representative, however, maintained that Shamrock only acted in self-defense. Garcia's account of the incident is below:

Shamrock claims he was breaking up a girl-on-girl brawl in a mall in Modesto, CA earlier this month when someone jumped on his back. Shamrock claims he believed the person was a man, so he took "him" down. Turns out ... "he" was actually a "she."

But Garcia claims it's all BS ... claiming Shamrock didn't actually break up the original fight, but rather screamed at her to do it ... which she did.

Garcia claims Shamrock began to yell at her for not stopping the fight sooner ... and then snapped and PUNCHED her in the face.

Garcia says her mom ran over to intervene ... and Shamrock punched her too.

Soon after the alleged girl-punching, security and police arrived to the scene ... and only then, Garcia says, Shamrock backed off.

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-AARP has a new article featuring Mick Foley, in which he discusses his continuing work with RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). A clip of himself & Sean Waltman coaching future wrestlers is shown as well. Click here to view the article and video.

  • Sky

    Of course she going to sue cause she just saw her pay day in ken.. I wouldn’t put it past her if she knew who he was and jumped on him on purpose.. Beside saw her pic and she does look like a dude a skinny ugly dude I mean chick lol

  • I don’t know what’s funnier: The woman’s bs story, or Shamrock using the Peter Griffin defense. Either way, this is getting good….

  • Kleck

    Ken Shamrock screamed at a woman to stop a fight the decided to fight the woman after she broke up the fight. I highly doubt that. Someone looking for a little $$$ from a former celebrity.

  • smithmiester

    So funny

  • Guzzie1984

    Smacks of payday for being a down n out scum, shamrock shud put her in ankle lock and make her tap for mercy lol

  • Matt

    This woman is going to lose this lawsuit because the police will not file charges. Eye witnesses would have come forward by now. Clearly she sees a payday here. What she doesn't know is a belly to belly followed by ankle lock is coming her way.

  • hurrigame

    Another gold digging ho out for a payday. This would make sense if she had a leg to stand on…

  • machopichou

    Im sure in this age of “big brother” Kenny will def win this one because mall cameras are everywhere!

  • Patrick Peralta

    ten to one security camera's show she is at fault and jumped Ken Shamrock…….if she was hurt that's her dam fault for getting involved….either way she is just looking for a payday from a former celebraity pathetic is what it is.

    • CaliGuy

      He never tried to break up the fight – he actually just stood there laughing at them. She tried to get him to break up the fight, but he refused and then got mad at her when she tried to break it up. She also never jumped on him. He punched her in the face and then, when her elderly mother came running up, he punched her too, knocking her to the ground! His story changes every time he tells it. There is security footage, but Modesto PD has confiscated it and refuses to take a police report from her. That's probably because he's Modesto's golden child.

      • Kevin

        Really, dude? So you were there and witnessed the entire chaotic event? Come forward, then, and be a witness. Tell the police what you saw so she can get her money and Shamrock can go to jail. You won't do it? That's because you didn't see a DAMN THING! I'm not defending Shamrock; her story holds just as much water as his…for now. Once the evidence is examined, including security camera footage, if any exists, then we'll know the real story. I still hold to the belief that a person is "innocent until PROVEN guilty."