Work Schedule For Commentators, Jericho In WWE, Where's Booker T?, Looking Back On Wrestlemania Debuts

What do the commentators do when they aren't working? Do they return home until the next set of tapings?

After TVs are taped on Monday and Tuesday, the commentators can return home to their families. There are times when the Smackdown crew may have to fly to WWE headquarters in Connecticut for post-production but they do not travel to live events unless they are needed. Jerry Lawler stays active on the independent scene as his contract allows him to work third party shows. John Layfield stays extremely busy as a contributor on FOX News.

How much longer is Chris Jericho expected to stay with WWE?

Chris Jericho's new deal with WWE is very flexible. It allows for the company to utilize him when he's available. Jericho has said he sees himself being involved with the company as long as he still has something to offer. I can't say enough about Jericho and his desire to put the business before himself. He's a rarity in this business and there aren't very many like him.

Why hasn't Booker T been on Smackdown lately?

Booker T has been off the road recovering from elbow surgery. The procedure was needed to treat an infection after suffering a torn triceps. He's expected to return soon to continue his feud with Teddy Long.

This year at Wrestlemania 29 we saw The Shield, Fandango and Big E Langston all make their debuts at the pay-per-view. Who has benefitted most since?

The Shield clearly came out of Wrestlemania 29 every bit as legit as they went in. The fact the entire faction holds gold shows what WWE thinks of them. Fandango had more of an impact the night after Wrestlemania but he remains in a good spot. Big E Langston is slated for a huge push but has been pulled back recently due to the injury to World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler.

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