World Heavyweight Championship Belt Still Active

While the talk coming out of last week's Raw was that John Cena handing the World Heavyweight Championship belt to Ric Flair was a way of retiring it, that's not the case. Cena came out with both the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship title belts at Battleground on Sunday. Both titles were used in the pre-match graphic and the titles were held up by referee Charles Robison.

As previously noted, the long-term plan is still for the WWE Championship belt (the one The Rock introduced to the company in 2013) to be the company's title belt.

  • Vic Jose

    Seems like maybe they are planning to split them again, if not why keep 2?

    • mike

      The hell with wwe that’s wcw belt. WCW 4 life

  • Brandon van Reenen

    Am I the only one who feels like WWE won’t be retiring that belt anytime soon? 😛

  • kurt

    The wwe title has always been the number one title, even during the existence of the world title belt. Just because the new title belt signifies the top title doesn’t mean they aren’t open to the secondary world title being a singular title again. I think they are keeping it active as a safety net if they need to split the titles again. After all, now that punk is gone and mcmahon list all that money, hr is all about his safe zone, resetting cena as the top guy. Reset the divas champion, etc. This is his safety net. You can tell the infighting within management. It shows in the wrestling. The wyatt/Jericho match had botches, the battle royal was loaded with botches. Hhh and mcmahon fighting has peoplr on edge and they aren’t sharp. Their distracted. I saw people blow spots that normally are dead on. Management better get their act together , and mcmahon needs to stop going to his safe zone. Nothing is unexpected. A ten year old could have accurately called this pay per view. The wrestlers worked their asses off, but you can see things aren’t right behind the scenes

  • Splat

    I hate this even worse than that awful PPV I just watched.

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    • Gary Robert

      Hey, stfu.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Well, good for you then

  • Gary Robert

    So much for Richard confirming it was retired when Cena handed it off to Flair.