World Heavyweight Championship Match Set For Elimination Chamber (Smackdown Spoiler)

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Daniel Bryan will face Wade Barrett, The Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and The Great Khali in an Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at this year's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Mark Henry was originally announced to be in the match instead of Khali, but he was kayfabe indefinitely suspended on this week's Smackdown.

WWE Elimination Chamber will be held on February 19 from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We'll have full coverage of the event on

  • Matt K

    I hope Cody Rhodes wins, he deserves it

  • BigMike

    not yet for Cody not yet

  • Jean

    Khali??? Are you serious bro?? Ugh.
    I would at least prefer to see Dibiase.

    Or Christian! Have HIM return, Khali is so freaking boring…

    • Bob

      I thought they released him then he was back on the roster page before the rumble so…..

    • Razmos01

      They will have the match all planned out already, to throw a high flyer in would mean re-working the whole match, khali is similar weight to henry so makes an obvious choice of replacement, he wont win it so not much of a problem for the punjabi robot being in the ec

  • gibbons08

    Kali is terrible! I have a feeling Henry will some how get back in that match unless he’s seriously injured and can’t

  • gibbons08

    I see Wade Barret winning it and setting up him and Sheamus at Mania

  • drhaase

    why won't vince give up on Khali??? even the mainstream fans don't like him

    • steve

      Despite his total lack of ability in the ring, WWE need him because Jinder Mahal is a nothing and they need something to keep the Indian viewers interested in teh WWE product as TNA is in India now.

    • LJCH

      Simple. Because of the market they are able to reach in India because of him. In the end, it's all about being profitable…

  • Jackson

    I am not surprised by the list of guys…well except for Khali. I am not digging the way they are dissing Henry here. With Henry out of the picture, the chances of Bryan retaining is bigger and here's why….first of all lets get this out of the way, Sheamus won the rumble so he chooses which champion he will face. Its obvious that he will choose to go after the World title because number, he's already been WWE champion 2. CM Punk will probably be put in a program with Jericho. 3. Sheamus is babyface so it makes more sense to feud with a heel champion.

    Now that this is out of the way heres why I think Bryan's chances are better. lets eliminate the idea of any babyface winning the title. So Orton and Big Show are out. Now let's focus on the heels. Cody Rhodes, still in the works of being elevated, not quite there yet, for him to win the EC match and the title is simply not the time. Khali is just there because he's a filler for Henry and you know he's not having another World title reign being that he's horrible in the ring. That only leaves Barrett and Bryan. Somehow Barrett could win but he's so heavily involved in a feud with Orton, it wouldnt make sense for him to win so he might screw Orton out of winning the chamber match and thus furthering even more their heated rivalry to WM.

    I know I shouldn't count Orton and Show out but think about it, Show vs Sheamus? Orton vs Sheamus? babyface vs babyface for the title? I know, its been done but does that look right to anybody? Now Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus! The same match that got bumped off the card at last year's show. Ppl its no coincidence that Sheamus won the Rumble and Bryan's been champion for this long! It's just my opinion and wishful thinking but it does make some sense to me.

  • Vince

    Khali are u serious broo he sucks i’d rather have someone like hunico

  • Thumpa

    So we’ve got Show and Khali in the EC match instead of some well needed spot monkeys like Gabriel or even Hunico? The SD one is always the most exciting but looks like this year Raw will be the one to watch!

  • stoney

    WWE just won't give up on Khali

    • Alex

      Why would they? He's big in India.

  • Hunter

    WTF? Khali?! Hope he’s out of the match by the time the PPV rolls around

  • Aly

    I really would love to see Barrett win!

  • Paul

    Yes it makes sence for Bryan to win BUT let me remind you that the only person to retain at EC is Edge. If he does it’s a rather big deal. I’m all for Bryan vs shemus. But I just wanted to put it in more context.

    • stoney

      no no 2003 Summerslam Triple H retained, 2006 new years revolution Cena retained (only to have Edge cash in the MITB, and Edge also retained

      • Swanson

        Yes this is true BUT not at the EC PPV meaning none of them won and got to defend at WM because of it. I should have specified.

  • @ease9310

    I hope the Great Khali wins the elimination chamber match,because he's more of an experienced wrestler than the rest,and if they let Khali win,then I think the Indian people will love the WWE,because of the Great Khali.And if you want the Indians to love WWE even more,Khali should have a streak of at leat something,because like the Undertaker has like a 20-0 wins-lossess at WrestleMania.

    • havoc525

      You are obviously either an idiot, or making some sort of joke…

  • AJG316

    I want the great khali 2 win bcuz he deserves it he held the world title b4 and I just think that him kofi Kingston and
    A-ry are the most underrated superstars on the roster right now but that’s just me and my opinion.

    • MPXTheChoice

      Khali? Underrated? Tell us how you have come to this conclusion.

  • Najib

    what about undertaker you bastards. He returned 29th January Monday night raw

  • Najib

    Why the hell do they have to change tripe h' s personality. King of kings to laughy old man