World Heavyweight Championship Match Set For SummerSlam (Smackdown Spoiler)

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After the angle in which Booker T stripped Alberto Del Rio of his World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at SummerSlam, the decision was overturned on this week's Smackdown. Sheamus will officially face Del Rio this Sunday at the pay-per-view.

Click here to read this week's Smackdown spoilers.

  • Frenchfry

    overturned by who

    • Angel Psymon

      "Sheamus pleads with Booker to reinstate his match with Del Rio at SummerSlam. Booker eventually agrees, and the match is back on."

    • Frendo

      Overturned by Sheamus

  • Owen

    Oh, what a surprise. (>.<)

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Enough with Del Rio already. WWE is keep pushing him without realizing they're pushing the wrong guy. Del Rio is plain as shit.

  • hurrigame

    Well, that took about as long as Christian's first World Heavyweight title reign, didn't it?

    • Nishanth

      Actually Christians title reign was shorter

  • dani

    that sucks del rio is a loser. whats the sense of being a GM if your word has no power

  • Chris

    Some bullshit board ruling cause del rio whined to them. He needs some cheese with that experience ass whine

  • Wwe4L76

    Congeatz wwe, you did a bad desition again…. Waith…. I kids like alberto?!?! Thats right!

    • Ace Vivid

      What the hell did you try to say?

  • Anonymous

    Daniel Bryan gets screwed again what a surprise.

  • Slade6alpha


  • Brandon, South Africa

    That was incredibly underwhelming. Could’ve at least made the match a triple threat with Jericho…

    • Luke

      Jericho has a match with Ziggler at summerslam?

    • James M>>>


  • Adam O’Brien

    That’s a bit of a disappointment.

  • Kleck

    That was kinda lame and a waste of time.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    WWE needs to quit being so predicable. Its so sad.

    • Wwe4L76


    • n1ck

      its hard to not be predictable when your reading the spoilers…lots of stupid in the comment section of this site

  • Paul

    That’s no fun

  • Hardy

    Well its safe to say this will be one of Boeing matches on the bill, if not the most boring. I can’t stand del rio he’s to bland and boring.

    • Ace Vivid

      Del rio is not as bad as people make him. I mean his character may be a little bland, but his in-ring skills are way above average.

      It’s amazing that people still support super Sheamus as much as they do. I mean, I hate watching him. 5 guys are wailing on him but he no sells everything and destroys everyone. People hate cena, but Sheamus is worse than him. I cannot wait for Sheamus to lose the title, his reign has been boring. And it’s not because he’s feuding with del rio, it’s because Sheamus character is uninteresting.

      • ChromeyDaniels

        Bud, let’s be honest here. They both are bland and boring. They both need some more work.

  • Mark3man

    WWE doesn’t seem to know what to with top card faces. they all seem to achieve super powers. they book sheamus like they book Orton and cena and adult fans don’t like the characters. Seamus is dull like this. To be fair though the fault we have super cena,super Orton or super sheamus is because of fans my age that cheered super Hogan back in the day. we should all jump in a dallorian, travel back, rip up all our 10 year old selfs hulkamaniac stuff and make em cheer on macho man.

  • KVB

    They need to return the attitude era. This is getting boring and way to predictable. I kind of wonder if it’s just to predictable or just getting older you learn to figure things out.

  • Jamie

    I can’t imagine del rio with a title ..

  • Kevin

    Probably overturned by the Board of Directors. They seem to be getting involved a lot these days. I wondered if this would happen; after all, Del Rio is an upper-card talent who has held the title before. Unless he was physically unable to perform, I didn't see the point in having Booker strip him of his shot at the belt.