World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match Participants (Smackdown Spoilers)

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Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, WWE United States Champion Santio Marella, WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian and Tensai all qualified for the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match at this week's Smackdown taping.

This week's show will feature the qualifying matches.

  • PainOfDemise

    I have one word to say about this one……really?

    • jwelch

      I have to agree and would have to add Oh My God Really!

  • Jas

    According to the spoilers, Vickie said there would be two weeks of qualifying matches… so, since five have already qualified, I think it's safe to assume that the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match will have either 8 or 10 participants.

  • Dan

    I mean, Santino is a def yes! Christian too, but Sandow.. a rather quick push. And the other 2 are just awful.

    • Tony P.

      Are you insane? U on that bath salt dude? Tyson kidd or tensai are nowhere aweful. U been watching wwe or tna?

  • Kleck

    Well, people always want to see new blood in the ring. We know how awful Tensai has been of late but why not Tyson Kidd and Sandow? If they are ready for a prime push, this will be the launch pad for them. I welcome any lower tier guys, they have to start somewhere…

    • Marc

      I agree. Tyson Kidd has so much potential and he was the final graduate out of the Hart Family Dungeon.

      • Callum

        Tensai and marella should be out and Rhodes and Sin Cara in there

  • Miles

    Finally some different names and a good mix of old and new

  • CJ

    Im sure tensai was on the raw roster!??? Wwe need to make up their mind on which star is on what brand!!

    • Brand extension is dead man. It only deals with the touring schedule now.

      • Richy

        Hence no more Bragging Rights

  • joe

    hope Sandow wins, he's brilliant. Also happy to see Kidd in the match

    • Callum

      He’s good but his gimmick isn’t worthy of a champion!

  • Willie

    Tansai!!! Go win

  • jdl

    With the exclusion of Christian, who already holds a title, not a single person in the match has earned a shot at the heavyweight title. They're not over enough, they're comedy acts, greenhorns or enhancement talent. I have a feeling they're setting the winner up to be the first failure.

    • Rob Browne

      Santino was in the world heavyweight championship elimination chamber this year. So it’s him and Christian (Christian being the only one to have help a World title).

  • Kevin

    Again, more evidence that WWE may be considering doing away with Smackdown altogether. First, they launch a Raw Supershow, bringing Smackdown wrestlers to Raw to perform. Next, they do away with the annual draft. Then they announce that Raw is expanding to 3 hours. And now the 1st five participants in the MITB Ladder Match for Smackdown are Sandow (newbie), Kidd (washout), Marella (laughing stock), Christian (McMahon's whipping post), and Tensai/Albert/ATrain (no talent). And Marella and Christian both already hold belts (When's the last time someone held 2 titles at once?) This all adds up to one conclusion: Raw will soon be the only television program WWE has on the air. At the very least, Smackdown won't even get CLOSE to the 1000 mark on episodes.

  • @KyleGordon91

    Just no pleasing some people, you complain about getting the same stars or matches PPV after PPV and when two new ones are inserted, i.e Sandow and Tyson Kidd, who is by no means awful, whoever said he was above needs to have their head hecked, there are still complaints

    • Chris

      Welcome to the Internet!

  • Eddie27

    I have always enjoyed the MITB matches. I have not ordered a PPV since WM. and was really looking forward to ordering MITB. If the WWE Championship MITB match is just 4 heavy weights and the World Heavy Weight MITB isn't improved I'm not ordering it. Santiono, Sandow, and Tensai should have been Ryder, Gabriel, and Rhodes. I'm hoping Kofi and Barrett are added to the WH MITB and Miz, Del Rio, and maybe Rey Mysterious to the WWE MITB

  • So the raw MITB match has all veterans and smackdown has mostly rookies except tensai and Christian I like this!

  • Christ 4 Life

    I'm super excited to hear Tyson Kidd is in it! I'm hoping he gets a push soon!

  • Tony

    Why is tensai in MITB they should've put ryback in the match instead.

  • Wes

    I really want to see Rhodes win it but let’s face it. It seems Vince is bound and determined to get ADR and tensai over. I’ll put my money on tensai winning

  • kdls1

    Add Kofi

  • dani

    tensai is a waste of payroll. he should had just came back as Atrain

  • hassan

    pleaseee keep santiono off this match!!!!

  • HT

    Im thrilled to see Kidd in the match I hope he does well and my fav Christian Id like to see win I like Santino but I think its a lil early for Sandow and Im not a fan of Tensai but not bad people are just so hard to please I mean no matter who they put in the match people would complain about something I mean least this is something different should be better then RAW’s one

  • Guy Landau

    I like Kidd and Christian in, but I would much rather see Ziggler, McIntyre and Rhodes in as well instead of Sandow, Tensai and Santino. From the looks of it the only real possible winners right now are Santino and Christian.

  • Isaac

    Does any body think wwe might do the samething they did at bragging rights 2010 and have thm put their spots on the line?

  • Stan smith

    That’s the point of the match to push someone to the next level all the past winners were not main event talent wen they won the match so haveing new stars in the match is kind of the point