Worst Rumble Moments, Why No Wolves In WWE, Sherman, Colin Cowherd Puts Over Vince McMahon

- This Sunday will mark the twenty-seventh annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Den of Geek! takes a look back at “The 20 Worst Royal Rumble Moments” at this link.

- For those wondering why Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were not signed by WWE, I was told Triple H had concerns regarding the attitude/behavior of Richards. While there is a story making rounds over an errant in-ring spot in one of their WWE NXT matches, I can only imagine that didn’t do anything to help their chances. The story coming from Richards and Edwards is the TNA deal was better for them.

- WWE recently surveyed fans on dot com, asking if Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman would make a good WWE superstar following his post-game rant on San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The majority of respondents felt that he would. Why was pro wrestling the first thing I thought about after watching the now infamous post-game interview with Erin Andrews?

- I heard Colin Cowherd put Vince McMahon over on Tuesday’s episode of his show. Because I’m out traveling, I didn’t hear what he had to say but one of my Twitter followers provided a recap:

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  • jdl

    I find it hard to believe the TNA deal was better, that’s probably just the excuse they’re using to make it sound like WWE offered them a deal to protect their egos and puff up their reputations. Every other source has indicated that Triple H, in all of his complete and utter lack of wisdom, decided against signing them.

    • Ricky

      Why does this sound like you just want to demonize Trips, so despite facts that’s what you are doing. Trips has been around for a long time and as much as people dislike him for crap he pulled back in 2004. He does know what he’s doing.

      • jdl

        He’s responsible for bring back Albert and having him debut as Tensai, a completely unmarketable character. He’s responsible for Sin Cara, and they debuted the poor man so quickly he was never able to learn to wrestle the WWE style properly and has essentially flunked out of WWE. There are multiple examples of Triple H making foolish decisions when it comes to who to sign and who not to sign. He’s responsible for low balling AJ Styles, he’s responsible for the current mindset that they’d rather have a small handful of talented individuals and a bunch of muscle bound oafs like Ryback. Throughout his career he has put other down to puff up himself, he’s insisted guys he likes get pushes and so on. He has not shown himself to be particularly adept at his current position in charge of development and talent. If you don’t like that, too damned bad.

      • Bob’s Diner

        ” He does know what he’s doing.”

        He most certainly does!
        It’s just that what he is doing isn’t exactly smart or entertaining for fans

        • Ricky

          I dare you to take his job and do better.

          • Bob’s Diner

            First step: no Kevin Nash on TV

            See that? I’ve already made better decisions than him

          • Ricky

            Yet he STILL has that well paying job, a loving family, a secure future. What do you have? Trolling?

          • Bob’s Diner

            Wait – I thought you were giving me his job?
            And if he doesn’t accept the challenge, then by his own logic, that makes me the NEW Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, Development and Creative!!!

  • Patrick

    one other story going around is HHH didn’t sign them do to WWE having enough Talent their size and Vince likes the Jacked up wrestlers.

    • DucksFan87

      that’s the typical iwc assumption.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Yeah because WWE have no talent under contract and Vince McMahon totally doesn’t love big buys! Grrr IWC! I hate them so I will say it on the internet!!

  • Nostaljack

    Oh, spin away…LOL! Davey and Eddie got totally screwed by going to TNA. Their pay scale won’t even approach the heights WWE could offer. Their exposure will be typically minimal and their impact (no pun intended) won’t be felt in the least bit by anyone. I almost feel bad for both of them to some degree as WWE will now never touch them. Both of them should have been more patient if at all possible.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Maybe it was better for them – they may feel more comfortable wrestling in high school gyms to 50 people a night. Because that’s about as good as it is going to get in TNA

      • John

        At least TNA won’t bury them with a name like Scotty Goldman or Michael McGillicutty !!

  • Chris

    Who are davey and Eddie anyway? Couple of Internet nobody’s!!? Away to tna with the rest of the over rated

    • Ricky

      I take it you’ve never seen Eddie or Davey wrestle in person.

      • Chris

        Never seen or heard of, and if they are away to tna then nothing will change

        • Ricky

          Well that’s your fault. TNA has is on Spike TV and if you refuse to watch then I don’t see how The American Wolves or TNA are to blame. If anything YOU are to blame.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Pretty sure TNA are to blame for people not wanting to watch their awful awful show

  • JJ

    WWE dropped the ball on the wolves…hope tna doesn’t destroy them..