Wrestlemania 28 News - Photo Of The Program, Betting Offered, View The Setup That Is Underway

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Zack Ryder Tweeted the following photo of the Wrestlemania XXVIII program featuring Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy.

- There is a United Kingdom betting company called Paddy Power that is offering the opportunity for people to place bets on Wrestlemania XXVIII. While I'll be the first to tell you not to bet on pro wrestling, here's the link.

- Below is a photo of the Wrestlemania XXVIII ring setup from Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida:

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Logan Walker and Brian Bennett for their help with this information.

  • Andy

    funny how Booker T is included in the line up yet Drew McIntyre isn't even though he was announced BEFORE Booker was. LOL.

  • Jeesse

    What kind of stage setup do you see them setting up Richard?

  • Tiago

    so simple the setup

    • dusty588

      The reason the the stage setup is lower and wider is because the seating above the stage is being used (unlike WM24). I also like the touch of a faux plam tree trunk being used on the legs of the canopy.

  • sean o'sullivan

    look at the hell in the cell

    • Blast

      That's the video board that will be hanging above the ring. At least it's no mystery cube like last year.

  • Colm Gillespie

    Paddy power is an Irish company with their headquarters based in Dublin.

  • Bubba J

    Why not bet on Wrestlemania? Especially considering it has one of the most predictable cards in WM history!

    • dusty588

      I looked on the site, say you bet 50.00 on a match (I forget which one) you might win 100.00. I wouldn't say the card is super predictable.

  • Vince

    Can you buy the program online or do you have to be there to get it?