Wrestlemania 29 Main Event Confirmed, Jack Swagger Wins Elimination Chamber

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- The Rock will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena at Wrestlemania 29. The match was officially announced after Rock beat CM Punk at Elimination Chamber.

- Speaking of Rock, his mother was in attendance at the pay-per-view on Sunday night.

- Jack Swagger won the Elimination Chamber Match and will challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Barring a title change, that match would be Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio.

  • b3to13

    Snooze fest

  • H.M.

    I don’t really know what to make of Swagger winning. On one hand I don’t know what to say as I’m not disappointed nor am I extremely ecstatic. I want to wait and see how they’re going to go about this though. With this new Zebb Colter by his side as his manager, a feud with ADR just writes itself; it could become VERY heated and very exciting and this new duo could be the next big heels in this company or it could just flop…like ADR’s run on the road to Wrestlemania…one of the most underwhelming in history.

    • H.M.

      When I mention ADR’s run on the road to WM I’m talking about 2011 when he was feuding with Edge. Was a rather flat road to WM in general that year.

  • I was truly shocked and almost upset when Swagger won but then I thought about it more and I really like it. Can’t make a star of tomorrow if they never get a shot. It would be especially interesting throwing Ziggler into the mix going forward.

  • Chris

    Cena blows!

    • Snap

      Agreed. I have no interest in Rock/Cena II, especially for the WWE championship. I’m passing on this WrestleMania.

      • JL

        Cool, I don’t think McMahon will lose sleep over you passing on WM though

        • Snap

          Thank you for your irrelevant opinion.

          Go troll somewhere else, please.

          • JL

            That wasn’t an opinion, that was the truth. McMahon doesn’t give a damn if you order WM or not.

  • dj

    The wwe may have struck gold with the potential promo gold that may come with adr vs swagger. HOWEVER! The match itself may be one of the worst main events in wrestlemania history, wrestling/star power wise. Bet all the money that you have that ziggler leaves wm29 with the world heavyweight championship.

    • Wrestling wise? 2 men who are extremly gifted matt wrestlers? Adr has a very good amateur and mma record and we all know swaggers record

      • dj

        Supposed to say wrestler, as in when people say “del rio vs swagger” it doesnt make people want to see it right off the bat. 6 weeks is a long time for the wwe to make this work and im sure it will.

    • JL

      I agree. From a promo stand point both ADR & Swagger have plenty of material. The match should be decent but I doubt it get’s a lot of time though because of Cena/Rock 2, HHH/Lesnar 2 & Taker/Punk. This won’t be the main event , nor will it be heavily adverstised so McMahon won’t have too worry too much about rather this match draws big or not because the matches I mentioned above are HUGE draws already. I think Ziggler cashes in too

  • stoney

    My wm card
    Rock vs cena vs punk (if taker isn’t available) for the wwe title
    Del rio vs swagger for the world heavyweight championship
    Big show vs ryback vs mark Henry vs sheamus in a no disqualification match
    Undertaker vs cm punk
    Ziggler vs Jericho in a 2 out of 3 falls match
    Team hell no vs rey cara vs Rhodes scholars vs the shield for the tag titles
    Randy orton vs a member of the shield
    Christian vs wade Barrett for the IC title
    Some divas match

    • Not gonna happen its glaringly obvious that team hell nos done,undertakers not gonna be at mania,christians not gonna be at mania and why would either of the 4 ways happen tgeres no back story at all

  • dave capano

    I knew swagger was going to win as
    soon he started spouting off about foriegn immigrants and the such

  • The Breaker

    I hope Swagger takes FULL advantage of this push he’s been given. We all remember what happened last time, but his new schtick seems to be going over well here. It’s all going to come down to if he’s able to ride the momentum. Should be an interesting feud between the two, given the obvious contrast in characters.
    The biggest question for me coming out of the chamber is, where are they going with Sheamus, Mark Henry and Randy Orton? If they could somehow get Henry involved with Ryback, we have a possibility for a great moment at ‘Mania. And hopefully Ryback’s first PPV win. And that leaves Orton and She amus; personally, I think pairing those two up would be money.. if Orton finally makes that heel turn we’ve all been waiting for.

  • Alex P

    I’ve never been a huge Swagger fan, but I’m very happy to see him get another shot at main eventing. I felt that when he was originally pushed that he was being pushed too far, too quickly, but I didn’t think he deserved to be written off TV as long as he was. It is nice to see him get another chance, and he is a solid in-ring worker.