Another Proposed Wrestlemania 29 Main Event You Haven't Heard About, Update On WWE Overhauling The Smackdown Main Event Scene, Has The Company Lost Faith In Sheamus?, Details On A New Midcarder In Line For A Major Push

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We're told Vince McMahon has been exploring plans this week for a potential Randy Orton vs. Ryback match at Wrestlemania 29 with Orton as a heel. The thinking is Ryback could be the World Heavyweight Champion and new "face of Smackdown." The question this raises is, has WWE lost faith in Sheamus?

We're told Vince hasn't lost faith in him as a star but doesn't see him able to carry the Smackdown brand. While labeled "Hunter's guy," many feel Vince is past making Sheamus a major face of the company. He'll remain a main eventer for sure but the idea of Smackdown as Sheamus' brand hasn't turned out to Vince's liking.

We're told McMahon has already had discussions about pushing Antonio Cesaro to the moon as Vince is high up on his work and feels he came work great matches and is over with limited mic work.

  • JS1987

    Why is he labelled “Hunters guy” when Triple H’s name is Paul? Surely they don’t call him Hunter backstage?

    • Kingjamsie

      I think most do

    • ericdraven86

      Gotta live the gimmick.

    • dave

      Cesaro is over? I don’t recall him ever getting strong reactions from the crowd. He has gotten decent reaction , no doubt. Even still, I hope WWE has a lot of big plans for Cesaro. He has shown a lot of skill thus far in his WWE career.

  • Philip Thompson

    To be honest – as much as I like Ryback I think that Sheamus has a much bigger personality – and that's what you need to carry a brand. John Cena, CM Punk, The Rock, Stone Cold, JBL etc are all big personalities – what I've never ever seen is any sort of charisma or personality from Randy Orton.

    • Pluto

      Ryback seems too be more marketable at this point in time, but for all we know that might not last, as I consider Ryback still too be "unproven''. Having said all that Sheamus is by far the better worker and has secured a spot as a main eventer for years too come. I guess was Vince is saying is tht Sheamus is better in the ring but Ryback has a higher ceiling and as the potential too be "the guy'' while Sheamus is solid in every aspect but does not have that it factor too be the ''the guy''.

  • Ilyas G

    That's great news, Cesaro (Castagnoli) has been quite impressive lately and I'd love to see a main event push

  • [email protected]

    I wonder how Ziggler and his (for now) money in the bank briefcase fit into this new direction for smackdown…

    • Pluto

      If he beats Cena on Sunday he keeps the briefcase, and remember he has a year too cash it in which means he doesn't have too cash in until the next MITB PPV. So there is still plenty of time.

  • Julio O

    Antonio Cesaro has definitely impressed. He has done his talking in the ring, not on the mic. Maybe something WWE officials should pay attention too when wanting to push a wrestler. If they are good workers, these fans will recognize that.

  • Justin

    Where is this anti-Sheamus stuff coming from? I'm not hearing this anywhere else. I realize we get exclusive reports here at WNW, and I appreciate them. But Sheamus has put up solid match after solid match as the face of Smackdown, the kids love him, and he's got great mic skills. Like I said I have not heard this anywhere else that management has lost faith in Sheamus.

    • Izblack

      I don't understand all the Sheamus hate either, he's been very consistant. He's been a whole lot better then that guy who claims too "the best in the world'' but yet they took the belt off of him smh.

      • Richard Gray

        I report what I'm told from my sources that are accurate. I'm not sure what else you want me to say. Just because you're a fan of Sheamus (I think he works hard myself), I'm not going to alter my reports because the NEWZ sites are copying and pasting this yet.

  • mehartze

    Extremely impressed with Cesaro thus far. Decent promos and above average ring work. The guy has a definite future in the upper midcard scene. Plus who doesn’t love Swiss Death? Great looking move!

  • JS1987

    The problem with Sheamus is his face character is corny and embarrassing. He needs to be a heel, but the problem with that is their is too many heels at the top of the roster right now, especially if they turn Orton.

  • amaanakter786

    I like Sheamus to be honest but dont think that he is over to the extent that everyone would like him to be i agree Sheamus was much more effective and over when he was a heel. However i would much rather see an Orton heel turn. I dont see any potentional in Ryback and struggle to see what VKM sees in him despite the fact that he fits his stereotype of a ‘star’ and a ‘monster’ his program with Punk has been terrible and to be very honest has damaged Punk also, i dont like it when Vince immedietely decides to push superstars who have just arrived it never works.

    As for Cesaro im all for a push, but think Ziggler is more than deserving of one.