Wrestlemania 29 Main Event, Ted DiBiase Backstage, Bret Hart On The Royal Rumble Match

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- Barring a major overhaul in plans or an injury, The Rock will defend the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29 against John Cena. This is the direction Vince McMahon has been leaning in for months and was all but confirmed here on January 14, 2013.

- Ted DiBiase was backstage at Royal Rumble as were a number of talents that haven't been on television lately. DiBiase has been off with a hand injury.

- Bret Hart gives his thoughts on the Royal Rumble match here on dot com.

  • Kleck

    Wonder who is gonna win Rock/Cena II for the title…

    • Jag

      Oh they don’t even have to do that match. Super-Cena takes it home naturally just to level out the score between him and The Rock……

  • Chris

    Might be the only one, but I still think a triple threat between Rock/Cena/Lesnar is possible, if Vince wants to lure Brock for another year or so, give him the title at Mania.

    • Brock doesn’t care about the title because he knows that the world knows it’s not a title you win competitively but a title you’re given. He cares about getting the most amount of money for the least amount of work.

  • Cody Zeller

    This is huge, so once in a lifetime!

    • Pluto

      LOL at you and the rest of the IWC. Never seen so many grown men cry before over their hero losing

      • Luke

        I’ve never seen someone so adamant to go on to every post about people complaining and comment on it. “LOL at you and the rest of the IWC” just sums you up doesn’t it really? And who is crying? You’re the one going on every story slamming people for having an opinion. Jeez, grow up you pathetic moron.

  • Michael

    If I were booking Cena/Rock II I’d have it announced as a no dq match. I’d then have the shield come out right before the match over. They’d surround the ring with Rock and Cena back to back wondering what’s going on the shied would climb on the apron then out of nowhere Cena would turn around and level Rock. The shied would then enter the ring do a group hug with Cena and attack Rock. Cena would hit the AA and win the title and go on to cut a huge heel promo like Hogan did with the nwo. Now that would be a huge wrestlemania moment bigger then Austin joining Vince.