Wrestlemania 29 News - Attendance, Match Bumped, Stream Problems

Announced Attendance

80,676 was the announced attendance for Wrestlemania 29 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  This was good enough for a new stadium record.

Match Bumped

The 8-Person Tag Team Match was bumped from the card. We heard they were running 17-minute late when Diddy was performing and were obviously not able to makeup for the lost time.

WWE.com Stream Problems

We've heard there were a lot of problems with the WWE.com stream for Wrestlemania 29. Apparently the pay-per-view was unwatchable with a blank error screen appearing. If you experienced this, please feel free to tell us more.

  • Steven Anthony

    That’s right, Richard. I went online to watch the PPV at 6 CT and after the opening video package, the stream went out. Thankfully, I was able to watch WrestleMania on my iPhone, but that was less than ideal. Not that happy that I paid that amount of money, only having to end up watching it on a small screen.

  • Still poor by WWE for dropping the match, shows why musical performances ruin the product, unless they are for entrances like with Living Colour

  • Tons of Funk is trending on Twitter lol

  • Kleck

    Too much wasting time on movie previews, hype build for the PPV that we already bought, and a performance that wasn’t needed (Diddy)

    Also, can anyone else hear a low buzzing noise throughout the show?

  • Pinkie Pie

    Maybe they should focus less on mediocre musical performances and hype packages that we’ve already seen countless times and instead use that time to allow better matches. I mean, Living Color doing Punk’s theme was great, but Diddy was boring and unneeded I was looking forward to Sandow and Cody having a Mania match more so than Cena/Rock 2, since its outcome is predictable. I feel bad for the people in the 8 man match.

    • Nostaljack

      Amen. Why they bothered with a musical act who hasn’t been relevant in years when they could have just jettisoned it and focused on the ostensible purpose of the whole enterprise is beyond me. I doubt many people would have been upset about Diddy being bumped. Would they 10 years ago? Maybe; but not now.

  • Richard Kinder

    I also ordered the pay per view online. And same thing right after the opening video package the stream went out. I tried to contact the them through their website and I never got a response. I ended up watching it on another website for free. The stream finally came on during at around 9:30 and the match that was on was the tag team title match. This will definitely be the last time I order a pay per view online. I definitely want a refund!

  • David F.

    I tried to be honest loyal costumer by buying the PPV online but it was done for some reason. So I went to one of the free sites during the Jericho-Fandango match. After watching this PPV I am glad I didnt spend 60 bucks on it. Hopefully Cm Punk v Austin will headline WM 30. Punk deserves to be in the last match for Wrestlemania after tonight.

  • B

    The 8 person match would have been better than the Rock vs. Cena. What a boring main event. The only great match of the night was Undertaker vs. Punk.

  • I didn’t get any of this PPV comcast said it was a problem with WWE brodcast. promised to credit my account in the morning. so we will see.

  • The Bops

    My Pre-Show feed constantly drove and buffered to te point it became unwatchable. Why not televise it on the live broadcast as well? You already have our money…

    Ironically, my cable broadcast froze at 6:59 with a promo shot of the Mixed Tag match. The screen eventually blanked out to an error screen. I finally got live video at the start of the Tag Team Championship match.

    Needless to say, I was furious.

  • I was unable to watch ANY of Wrestlemania 29 last night. Will be getting a refund or a lawyer. p.s. @ jon Harris Shove your your TV up your ass, m’kay. Idiot.

  • MathewGagnon

    The stream was down from 7pm until 9pm with errors “Our Apologies. This service is unavailable” and “There was a problem playing the selected media. Please try again later.”
    Only have basic cable, so can’t order ppv’s on that, so I stream online to my tv directly and use that as my monitor for the event. I had no problems the past few years streaming events until Royal Rumble and it lagged horribly, was not my end, they didn’t have enough bandwidth to keep it running to everyone. Now wrestlemania, the superbowl of wrestling happens and it’s down for 2 hours? Yes we got to see it eventually at 9, but not live, and had to stay up two hours later for the inconvenience. On top of that, their “help” link in the ppv section to live chat wasn’t working, there was no post or comment from wwe or support, and if you tried to submit ticket through their form, you’d get the same canned error response as the ppv streaming issue (I tried multiple times).

    I don’t expect a refund, but I do expect some type of credit but doubt that’ll happen. I tried for royal rumble after the live chat support led on to the lag issue was impacting many, no response to my ticket inquiries, no direct contact, nothing. Frankly, I think they should offer half off or something for the next ppv due to the huge inconvenience and hassle, outside of the unethical business practice of not even informing customers or putting up an explanation of what happened. Twitter and other social media were swarming with the issue. There is no excuse for a company not being prepared for such a big event, be it bandwidth, technical backups (considering youtube pre show streamed no problem then when we switched over to the actual wwe ppv paid server feed it went down).

    This entire ordeal has really had me reconsidering spending on ppv’s in the future, considering the past 2 I’ve ordered have been issue ridden, and one of them the wwe won’t respond to tickets, won’t credit, won’t give any information or even a response to the RR issue.