Wrestlemania 29 Post-Show Recap - Big Show-Jericho Interviews, Raving About Punk vs. Undertaker

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The Wrestlemania 29 post show featured Scott Stanford hosting Jim Ross, Kofi Kingston and Dusty Rhodes where they gave their thoughts on the pay-per-view. The setup was something I've felt they should have been doing for years now and was just like something you'd see after a major sporting event.

Renee Young interviewed Big Show about turning on Sheamus and Randy Orton, which obviously is being done to reset him as a heel.

Tony Dawson spoke with Chris Jericho about getting upset and Jericho wondered what was next for Fandango.

Jim Ross put over Undertaker vs. CM Punk as the match of the night and a sure match of the year candidate. Kofi Kingston admitted it was not only the match of the night but one of the best matches he had ever seen.  On a side note, this is something I want to put out there while it's still fresh, but I think the discussion with Undertaker now shifts to is he the best of all-time?  This isn't the first Wrestlemania he's saved.

Zeb Colter did an interview where he said they were "sabotaged" because of the "politics of the area." Regardless of what WWE does with Jack Swagger, they have a new mouthpiece in Colter.

Triple H was shown having his hand x-rayed that led to a discussion about his match with Brock Lesnar. They talked about John Cena and The Rock to close the Post-Show broadcast and concluded with photos of the memorable moments.

  • Punk can put up great matches with the right opponent. Tonight he did with the help of The Undertaker.

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Punk can put on great matches, period.

      • Not sure about that. Other than Cena he didn’t put up matches that wowed me. His matches with Ryback were average, his matches with Daniel Bryan were overrated, his matches with Jericho were too counter-heavy, and his two matches with Rock were above average.

        • Hannibal Lector

          That’s down to how the match is booked though. Watch his matches vs Mysterio when he wasn’t even that over and they worked the ring excellently.

      • Chris

        Punk is overrated

  • Michael

    I wouldn’t say that Taker/Punk saved mania. The Jericho/Fandango match was good and the Cena/Rock II match was better than the original and the HHH/Brock match wasn’t bad however the rest of the matches were just ok they should’ve had Ziggler cash in first time at mania. Cena should’ve hit Rock with the belt after the match and turned heel and Orton should’ve turned as well.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Match of the night indeed. But the live performance by living color didn’t make sense because punk is a heel.

    • Triple H was always heel when Motorhead played him to the ring, who cares

  • Marc

    After watching smackdown recap between Edge and Undertaker, the Punk-Taker match felt like a repeat.

  • Rambo Commander

    Of course Undertaker is the greatest of all time. When Shawn retired, the WWE came out with the WWE 50 list in which they themselves ranked Shawn at # 1, Taker at # 2, Stone Cold at # 3, Bret Hart at # 4 and Rock at # 5. Such a ranking obviously has higher value than any fan or journal’s ranking, as it is the WWE’s own assessment based on all their business knowledge. Add Taker’s matches with HHH and Punk after that to his career, and by the time Taker retires, he will surely be at # 1 of that list.

  • Prabhu Prasad

    i don’t understand why people are thinking punk is great in my view punk is like a bird before taker that is why taker fight punk ” handle with care” mode14lllll