Wrestlemania 29 The Biggest Of All-Time?

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I recently went on record in writing that Wrestlemania 29 has the potential to be the biggest of all-time. WWE's John Layfield has given me the opportunity to explain why in a new editorial posted on LayfieldReport.com. Follow the link below to read now:

Will Wrestlemania 29 be biggest of all time by Richard Gray

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  • Boogie

    Congrats Richard. Big time


    That’s awesome, Richard. Congrats!!!

  • Adam “Swipe”

    Congratulations, Richard. That’s boss.

  • Chili

    Go celebrate!!

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. It’s only because of your loyal readership that has opened up these doors. Be sure to check out the article as well. I really appreciate it!

  • Hazmatt23

    Not trying to be argumentative but isn’t WWEs goal every year to make that particulars WrestleMania “the biggest of all time?” Yeah they’ve fallen flat more than once but that’s typically the MO. Good job on getting promoted by JBL though. Badass.

    • Read the article and you’ll see my point. The basis is they’re taking their two most successful prodigies (outside the ring) in The Rock and Brock Lesnar and putting them back in. Add that to what they currently have and… You see where I’m going. Thanks for the compliment.

  • DAVE L

    Big Ups, Layfields one of my favorite talent!

  • Nostaljack

    I see your pint. However, there’s no way any Wr can ever be bigger than the first. You were just born by then so I’m sure it’s hard to relate but no one had ever done anything like that before. It had no precedent.

  • good article,but fans of today want the attitude era return. because back in those days.everything was entertaining. But now these days. Just about everything is watered down garbage. Cm punk one of the most entertaining character in wwe, has even falling prey to this. So while the fans say they want the attitude era to return. It just basicaly means they want, great characters and stories back. The wrestling portion is already there. with stars like daniel bryan,cm punk and wade barret.

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  • jackkedx10

    Congrats Big Rich.