Wrestlemania 29 Tickets On Sale This Morning - WWE Advertising The Rock, Brock Lesnar & John Cena

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Tickets for Wrestlemania 29 go on sale Saturday morning at 10 PM EST. While no matches have been announced, WWE is promoting The Rock, Brock Lesnar and John Cena as the focal point of the show.

Click here to buy tickets now or call 800-745-3000.

As previously noted, below is the full price list for seats:

Floor Seating
US $300.00 – US $2,000.00
US $300.00 Ticket + US $34.70 Fees = US $334.70
US $2,000.00 Ticket + US $75.50 Fees = US $2,075.50

Concourse 1
US $100.00 – US $400.00
US $100.00 Ticket + US $23.30 Fees = US $123.30
US $400.00 Ticket + US $36.65 Fees = US $436.65

Concourse 2
US $100.00 – US $200.00
US $100.00 Ticket + US $23.30 Fees = US $123.30
US $200.00 Ticket + US $32.75 Fees = US $232.75

Concourse 3
US $35.00 – US $75.00
US $35.00 Ticket + US $14.50 Fees = US $49.50
US $75.00 Ticket + US $15.30 Fees = US $90.30

  • William Shatner

    That's how much it costs for a decent seat at WM? Really?
    And people pay that? Well, clearly they do. Some people really have more money than sense.
    Two grand for a seat at a wrestling show… for that I'd want the seat after the show too, to take home I mean, and the floor under the seat, and the barrier in front if I was actually ringside, and at least one ring rope complete with turnbuckles to take home, and AJ to take home too while I'm at it, and all my snacks and bevvies for free, and personal photos with every talent in attendance INCLUDING talent not on the show INCLUDING refs and support crew and security guards and even the truckers outside AAAAANNNNDDDDD one of Steph and Hunter's kids to trade back in for a discount off of next year's WM ticket since I'd be a repeat customer.

    As much as I like wrestling I'd not pay three hundred for a ticket, let alone two grand, and I'd not want to travel all that way to sit in some crappy seats somewhere. I'd get a much better seat on my couch, and cheaper drinks and snacks, and if I get it on full HD it has better resolution than real life.

    Two grand down the crapper just like that, plus travel expenses and concessions, just like that, in this day and age…

    • PointOfView

      Seeing how Wrestlemania lasts about 3,5 hours, $ 2.000 is way cheaper than a decent hooker …

  • Renegade

    Look at the promo poster, that could be the triple threat match for the wwe title

    Rock (champion) vs Cena vs Lesnar

    Cena winning the match as the other 2 won’t be around after mania.

    Also gives the match punk vs Austin and if rumours are true it’ll either be Taker vs Sting or NO streak match nxt year.