Wrestlemania 30 On-Demand, Vince McMahon Shows Compassion, Michelle McCool Ringside

Wrestlemania 30 is available for playback on-demand on the WWE Network and was available as soon as the pay-per-view was over. I said I couldn't go back and watch it yet but I'm currently watching the finish to Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar again.

It should be noted I didn't experience any issues with the Wrestlemania stream on Sunday night. There was an audio issue during the Pre-Show but it was smooth sailing after that.

Vince McMahon reportedly left the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with The Undertaker as he went to a local hospital for evaluation. Vince left Triple H in charge and accompanied Undertaker's wife, Michelle McCool. McCool was ringside for the match.

I do not have a health update on Undertaker as of this writing and still haven't heard anything from the company after requesting comment earlier.

  • Ty

    Richard with all due respect why didn’t you tell us or hint that this was going to happen

    • Mysterion

      It’s almost like there’s a premium subscription we pay for to get such information…

    • Ranferi

      There actually was a hint almost a week ago that he told us about.

  • Gary Robert

    I got home from work last night after the PPV ended and could not watch Mania on the WWE Network. I was on the phone with Technical Support for an hour and they told me that it wasn’t scheduled to air again until Tuesday. They then said to log into wwe.com for some reason or another, which I did, only to be happily surprised to see the main screen advertising the fact that Undertaker had lost. I then paid $70 to order it on PPV despite owning the shitty WWE NEtwork.

    • Matt

      I watched it at midnight on the Network (eastern time). After watching it live, with no issues, my buddies wanted to see the Bray match again and the reactions of fans for Undertaker. Was able to watch the show and fast forward through it no problem an hour after it aired.

      • opie

        I watched on xbox. Same sound issues on the pre-show, but none after that. I watched it later on with no problem.

        • Matt

          Good to hear! I watched it on Roku. The preshow had some audio static but the main show was flawless with the exception of it skipping back to Rock hugging his mother 3 times. I figured it was a production stab at Mr. T, lol. Didn’t skip, audio, bad picture, frozen nothing after that.

      • kyleferretti

        I wish I could say the same about my stream. It constantly froze and/or repeated itself. I had to purchase the PPV so I could stop being so frustrated. I plan on saying something but what can ya do it happens.

        • jason

          I feel your pain. My feed keep freezing too

      • Gary Robert

        oh well for me. imo, it should be able to be watched from the beginning regardless of when you tune in.

  • Curtis

    I have the network on the ps3 and watched mania on it last night with no issues. I started watching it again as it was available again today for viewing.

  • Eric

    I had minor issues during the live streaming with it showing what happened a few seconds ago repeatedly, up to 2-3 times, per match. I rather it not happen, but it wasn’t hard to get use to.

  • Dave

    I had some issues with the WWE Network feed on PS4. It would come in at low resolution at times and skip.

  • jason

    I watched on a ps3. My feed was fine for the first hour, but then keep freezing throughout the rest of the show. I was however able to watch the replay right away with no issues.

    • Cabe Chaffin

      watched on xbox at a buddies house, lagged throughout the whole thing

  • eskymi

    Just saying that NEtwork froze or skipped without more details doesn’t really help. It would be nice to have more details to see if there is a common problem. I live in US, watched on TV with laptop connected via HDMI, used Google Chrome over a wireless network and it ran great. Two instances during preshow where it froze for like 10 seconds each, but WM was perfect. Didn’t even lose the HD stream….not once did it get to a point where it was streaming at like 260 or 480 or whatever.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Triple H was in charge? It totally didn’t show… *sarcasm*