Wrestlemania 30 Report (Day 3) – Rumor Roundup On Match Outcomes, Don’t Write AJ Lee Off Yet, Major Swerve In The Works For WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match?, The Future Of The Streak, Bray Wyatt’s Post-PPV Booking

Rumors are beginning to run rampant on Wrestlemania 30 match outcomes. While we certainly aren’t reporting the “winners” without seeing a final run sheet, I do think it’s appropriate to go over some things we’ve heard regarding this year’s card.

AJ Lee Guaranteed to Lose?

For those that think WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee has “no chance” of retaining her title as the company is playing up in storyline, think again. We’re told there have been scenarios pitched for her to go over and continue her run as the “longest-reining” Divas champion.

The major problem I have with the bout is the insertion of 14-Divas, thus giving no challenger a proper payoff. If AJ goes over, it could actually give her a bigger payoff by “accomplishing the impossible.” There’s also a tie-in to CM Punk that I’ll have more on later.

Speaking of the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational, I have a blooper for you here:

WWE Title Match *SWERVE*

Many have talked it and I’ve pushed back on it but I’m told…

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