Wrestlemania 30 Taking Place From The Superdome?

A deal seems to be getting closer for Wrestlemania 30 to be held at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. I heard the Superdome became a favorable venue due to a tax credit WWE would get for bringing the show to the city.

Nothing is official although if a deal gets finalized, WWE will hold a press conference announcing New Orleans as the host city over Elimination Chamber weekend. WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 will take place from the New Orleans Arena on February 17, 2013.

Apparently the other location in the finally running to host Wrestlemania 30 is Madison Square Garden in New York City but the quandary is obvious in that this year's show will be hosted in the New York/New Jersey area.

  • Steve

    blackout #2

    • Accept unlike the Super Bowl, The Shield actually comes out haha

      • Cobra

        If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t there a blackout at Wrestlemania 24 during the women’s match?

        • Benjamin

          There was indeed

      • michael

        or the Undertaker

  • Benjamin

    Plus there is the added bonus of much the much bigger gate that comes with holding WrestleMania at a stadium. Even though it would be cool to see XXX at MSG.

  • Pluto

    WM needs too come back to LA.
    Los Angeles > New Orleans

    • Benjamin

      Ah LA already gets SummerSlam every year

  • KingKongBrody

    I hope its MSG, sorry don’t like the superdome that place is a dump. The Saints are the Islanders of the NFL. XXX should be at MSG tradition then XXXI should be at Cowboys Stadium

    • luke

      are you kidding me, MSG is a dump. have u ever been to the superdome?

      • KingKingBrody

        Yes and I stand by my opinion its an ugly building just like the Islanders have. My opinion is the NFL Superdome, MLB Tropicana Field, NBA/NHL arena Nassau on Long Island are the ugliest. They have been fixed up MSG much better then it used to be. Wrestlemania should be in a football or baseball stadium just not on the anniversary. I have been to Wrestlemania 1, 6, 10, 20, 23 and 28 Stadiums are awesome I have enjoyed everyone I’ve been too the Garden us special. Every major wrestling arena is gone Boston Gardens, Spectrum, Omni, Mid-south, Sportatorium, and not sure about San Francisco and the Cow but when was the last time a major event was there not many classics left but MSG she deserves it. Wrestlemania 31-39 stadiums 40 its tradition. Besides if the Staples Center can have Summerslam 5yrs in a row MSG can have her day once every ten yrs

        • Dangerous Lee

          The Cow Palace still exists. It looks exactly the same as it did 20 years ago, which is probably the problem. They had a wwe house show there a couple years back but no major events.

    • Cfmsu93

      The Superdome is actually beautiful now since they fixed it up a few years ago, and by next year, after a full Saints season, I’m sure the electrical problems will have been fixed and won’t be a problem.

  • Julio

    They should have had it in chicago, no denying their crowds make every match interesting.

  • The Superdome can get overly loud so crowd noise won’t be an issue for WM 30. I’m glad they are bringing it to New Orleans because I don’t think the event will be full of smarky-vocal fans. I like vocal fans, but I like to see a traditional audience from time to time. Smarky crowds have become too predictable — cheer the heels, boo the faces.

    • That’s because people who do their job well should get cheered so the company knows what real fans that go to work and spend their money on WWE product really enjoy. We’re not smarky we just aren’t women who cheer for talentless, no drive muscle gods or a kid whose sold on a shirt and catchphrase. We are the traditional fans the smarky ones are those who accept mediocrity form a corporation that has proven it can do better.

  • CRRaysHead90

    Send it to MSG, no other place suits WM30.

  • monty

    i so hope so i will go since i live in Nola. for about $500 what kind of seat can i get? my first time for wrestlemania

  • kvb

    Bring it back to Canada!!!! This is soo dumb come on!!! We want something back here in Canada!!!