Wrestlemania 30 Updates - Jericho Won't Be There But Austin Plans To Be

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Chris Jericho spoke to FoxSports.com about a myriad of topics. Matt Kunka posted an excerpt at this link where Jericho more or less said he was finished wrestling. Jericho also said WWE asked him to cover the Hall of Fame this year and he turned down the offer. He said he follows along online but doesn't watch wrestling regularly. The complete interview is available at this link.

While Jericho won't be there, Steve Austin plans to attend Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. I haven't heard if he'll be doing anything in terms of an appearance but he is expected to attend the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony the night before.

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  • Cover? the Hall of Fame, like host it or what? I thought that was Jerry Lawler’s gig

    • Matt

      From the interview, it seems like just being there or possibly inducting someone. I don’t even know who he would induct so I’d just guess being a guy in the crowd who smiles for the cameras.