More Cities That Are Candidates To Host Wrestlemania 31, Top WWE Star Vocal About Their Discontent Over Push, Wrestlemania 29 Undercard, Possible Title Change Upcoming, Main Event Match Considered Imminent

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- In addition to Orlando, Florida, we're told Rogers Centre in Toronto and Cowboys Stadium in Arlington have been brought up as potential hosts of Wrestlemania 31 in 2015. Cowboys Stadium was WWE's first choice for 2014 but there was a scheduling conflict with the NCAA Final Four. Believe it or not, the Staples Center in Los Angeles has also been mentioned.

- Ryback continues to express frustration backstage over his push. He wants a bigger role and feels he's over enough to get it.

- With the top matches for Wrestlemania 29 beginning to take shape, the undercard has become a focus. The direction things were going in this week was for Kane and Daniel Bryan to drop the WWE Tag Team Championship and feud against one another. As we noted here on Premium, a popular plan as of late was to put the tag straps on The Shield and rotate who defends them.

- An official announcement for Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania 29 is considered imminent. WWE announced here on dot com that Hunter will appear live.

  • SESRulez

    Triple H is announced to appears this monday Raw

    • Yeah, as I posted this I see dot com officially announced him so I updated. These notes were compiled on Wednesday

  • Any news on Cesaro/Miz for the US Title at WM? Also, what are the plans for Sheamus, Orton, Jericho and Ziggler?


    Kane vs Bryan finally. Now after a good bout between the two they can finally separate after Mania.

  • Nostaljack

    Ryback…please, please, please…stop talking! Vince doesn’t suffer complaining well. His push is going to get killed if he keeps it up. I just wish he’d be patient and roll with it. He’s in a good spot but he’s going to screw it up!

  • Mike wood

    Surely ryback doesn’t have that much stroke backstage to get away with this behaviour already?

  • John

    The Feed Me More chant is over, but Ryback himself is not. The crowd is completely dead whenever he comes to the ring.

  • Would love to see Wrestlemania in Toronto again. Toronto crowd is pretty good.

  • I find these stories about Ryback a little hard to believe. He already has a bigger role and is getting a bigger push than 99% of the roster, so why would he be complaining about it.

  • Jake

    So they couldn’t put WM 30 in MSG but they’re considering Staples Center for later? Makes me angry. But Metlife will draw a great crowd hopefully, this will be my second live WM and since it’s NY it’ll definitely be a better crowd than the mediocre Atlanta crowd at 27.