Wrestlemania 32 Venue & Location Revealed, WWE Confirms Wrestlemania 31 Site

Wrestlemania 32 is slated to take place from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas in 2016. This of course is the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

We've been reporting all weekend that Wrestlemania 31 will take place from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. WWE has confirmed that story here on dot com.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Wrestlemania 32? Can I get through Wrestlemania 30 please ?

  • sam

    I can’t wait for when WM goes to Dallas..that stadium just might break the WM attendence record if done right

  • Tim Thompson

    it will break the record cause even b4 they would put extra seats in for wrestling they can hold over 95,000 people.and even in a couple football games they put extra seats in the the stadium and it held over 100,000 people for a football game.so yes it will shatter the attendance record!!!!

  • Mike McCarthy

    Was hoping they’d come to Philly or Atlanta but it looks like this year might be my last WrestleMania for the next few years