Wrestlemania Weekend Updates On CM Punk & Rob Van Dam

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CM Punk Not In NOLA

CM Punk isn't in NOLA and was photographed at Friday night's Against Me! show in Palatine, Illinois on Friday night. Below is photo proof:

We have a complete update on Punk status with WWE that we posted on Friday that you can read at this link.

Rob Van Dam in NOLA

Rob Van Dam is in NOLA and is at WrestleCon on Saturday. If you're interested in seeing him, click here for more. RVD's return to WWE is considered imminent.

  • Tom Lee

    Forget about cm punk ok !

    • Tom Mayer

      No.. just because you dislike him doesn’t mean others share your opinion ok!

      • Mysterion

        Ok. You keep supporting a man who walked out on you. Who won’t even give you a reason. Who you defend by saying “he was sick of not main eventing”. What, so what you want, as your WWE Champion is a man who whines when things go against him, walk away when things get difficult and wants to be in every WWE Title match ever? I WAS a CM Punk fan, but now I really could care less if we never see that son bitch again. Keep shouting “WE WANT PUNK” because he sure as hell don’t want none of you no more.

        • Tom Mayer

          Give it a rest, mark. Just because I support him doesn’t mean I’m at the shows chanting WE WANT PUNK.. Besides, as has been said before, we don’t know all the circumstances.

          • Mysterion

            Yes. I’m the mark here. Well done Mr. Jargon.

          • Tom Mayer

            Awww poor baby someone disagrees with you because, like it or not, CM Punk is still liked and wanted. Not only that, but he is still in the business in some form or another, and people want to know about these things, hence it’s called wrestlingnewsworld.com :p

            It must really hurt your feelers whenever they chant “WE WANT PUNK” during your favorite matchs on RAW.

  • BIG M

    Much as I would like it as a mark for CM Punk to get on a plane Sunday morning to New Orleans and make an appearance I know as a Smark its not gonna happen.
    Let it go people he’s gone.

    • Victor Miranda

      Who needs Punk, Austin will be there!

  • Jacob

    I love cm punk. I understand why he left. But here’s the thing. He just left. Hes showed up at UFC event, talking dead. But yet he hasn’t talked to us, his fans. I think that’s just a huge F you to all of us. It would be nice for punk to return. But I don’t think he will.

    • Bob’s Diner

      He’s still under contract – he is most likely not allowed to discuss the situation with anyone. If you take that personally, then that’s up to you

  • Jacob

    I think cm punk chants are stupid. I understand he walked out because he’s upset. But that’s just it he walked out, he didn’t get fired, he didn’t get any heat on him. He walked out on his own. Therefore there is no reason for the chants. Is not going to bring him back. It’s going I show the fans still care for him. But he doesn’t seem to care about us. If he’s not talking to us or his friend in wwe.

  • Victor Miranda

    Where or how do you see CM Punk in that picture, I don’t see him.

    • eskymi

      See the guitars/singer with the white shirt…look directly behind him standing against the banner, it kinda looks like punk

  • Ricky

    Even if Punk WAS to come back at Mania, do you really think WWE would let it slip he’s returning. Granted the chances of him returning at mania are slim to none. He wasn’t happy he was burnt out from the road. Let the man enjoy his life.

  • Matt

    If they brought Punk to NOLA, it would be driven in from a few states away and in tinted window car. I doubt he’ll be there. RVD would be a cool surprise!