Wrestlemania, Yes Wrestlemania XXIX Plans For Next Year - Three Dream Matches, Another Return That Could Top Both The Rock & Brock Lensar, The Undertaker's Status Revealed; Is He Retiring?, Groundwork Already Laid For A Major Main Event, Follow-Up On How A Program With HHH Could Entice A Big Return

A lot of people have asked me about matches for Wrestlemania XXIX and believe it or not, preliminary plans were in place the moment Brock Lesnar signed a WWE contract. I'm told the following bouts have been proposed for the show next year in New Jersey:

  • The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar (likely for the WWE Championship)
  • Steve Austin vs. CM Punk
  • John Cena vs. The Undertaker

As you can see, things have already changed with WWE opting to do Lesnar/Cena immediately and have Cena challenge The Undertaker for "the streak."

WWE laid the groundwork for Cena's challenge in this video with Cena commenting, "I know he [Undertaker] holds the streak near and dear but I don't see any reason for him to try for 21st. And after seeing the last four matches he's had at Wrestlemania, I'm certainly not involved with throwing my name in that hat."

For those wondering about Undertaker retiring, the last I heard he felt "great" after his match at Wrestlemania XXVIII and feels like he has plenty left in the tank after only working once a year.

Speaking of which, a name left off this lineup is Triple H who could end up facing Batista should a deal get done for him to return. As I reported yesterday here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, Batista has said to be interested in returning for a program with Hunter.

  • Michael

    That would be an awesome PPV with only those three matches (4 with HHH/Batista).

  • Jaryd

    I expect some people will be annoyed at the idea of Cena challenging the streak because it obviously won't match the ring work of The last 4 years with HBK and HHH, but to be honest, Cena is pretty much the last guy on Undertaker's to-beat list and maybe the only guy you can imagine there being a chance of being put over the Dead Man.

    • izblack

      I disagree. I think Cena/Taker is more then capable of being as good as those matches or even better.

  • PainOfDemise

    I've been wanting to see Punk vs. Austin for awhile now. Hopefully that will come true. Would love to see Austin one more time.

  • Max

    You comment a lot on pay structures and such…….does 'Taker have an exclusive deal being able to work only once a year without outside promotions, interviews and such?

  • Gary

    Punk/Austin would be a great match but can only end badly for Punk at this point in time. Austin would be the clear fan favorite and to beat him would just annoy the fans and to lose to him would only hurt his standing coming in as a top baby face.

    • Kleck

      Does Austin have another match in him I wonder. I don’t want to see a man that has no business in the ring.

      • Matt Scott

        This is Austin who recently said "I feel like I have another two years left in me".

    • havoc525

      Punk would be the heel, easy. He’s already great at it and beating Austin could make him the biggest heel in recent memory.

    • izblack

      Hopefully Punk is a heel for that match. And honestly I hope Punk goes over. I loved the attitude era and all but I think it’s time once and for all that these Attitude Era Stars put over the new guys once and for all and offically “Pass The Torch”. I’m probably gonna get blasted for this but I would love too see Cena, Punk, Lesnar, Batista go over Taker, Austin, Rock & HHH.

  • outkazt09

    Looks like am going to wrestlemania next year.

  • havoc525

    So, would Rock win the Rumble? Also, would he or Brock just hand over the belt the night after Wrestlemania? As for Undertaker and Cena, I would love a renewal of the Dr. of Thugonomics vs. the American Badass, worked well in the past.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    No matter if Cena is loved or hated…bottom line Cena Vs Undertaker At Wrestlemaina for the Streak is big news and Cena is a big name for Undertaker to face at WrestleMania.

    it's allso a match Fans can't say for sure Cena would beat Undertaker and over come the odds since it would take place at Wrestlemania.

  • snuggle

    All of these matches have show stealer written all over them, with Rock/Brock clearly being the main event. Austin has always been and still is my favorite wrestler of all time, do just to see him back would be worth it nomatter who else is wrestling. The card would already be stronger than this years card, and they still have Orton and Jericho and may resign Lashley and MVP. Vince is doing big things and about to put the wrestling game way out of reach from anybody ever beating him.