Wrestlemania XXVIII Lineup Begins To Take Shape Following WWE Elimination Chamber

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Following tonight's WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, the Wrestlemania XXVIII is beginning to take shape. The following matches are confirmed for the show:

Main Event
- The Rock vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Sheamus

WWE Championship Match
- CM Punk (c) vs. ???

Obviously Chris Jericho is slated to be Punk's opponent and we'll probably see them pickup on the fact that Jericho was never formally eliminated from the Chamber tonight. Triple H vs. The Undertaker is also expected to be added as Undertaker is advertised for Raw Supershow tomorrow night.

  • Marc

    I believe Orton will be in the WHC match, amking it triple threat.

    • W.N.W. Stalker

      I think Orton needs something "new", maybe going back to RAW.

      I'm actually VERY disappointed that my very in-depth, and positive post I made last night got denied being posted on here. Can't believe it was rejected for pass.

  • mark3man

    Looks like were gonna be having team long v team jonny ace also.good way to get everyone on the card without mitb. Although it seems 90 percent of the upper mid/main events left are heels.

  • Joey

    Punk/Jericho and I believe Orton will be added to Bryan/Sheamus, and this will be an awesome WM lineup!!

  • Herro

    Daniel vs sheamus wont be good wish it was randy and sheamus and a triple threat match with hhh vs shaun vs taker

  • suraj

    Was jericho legit injured?

  • monty

    rock vs cena
    punk vs jericho
    sheamus vs bryan

    team long vs team johny

    undertaker vs hhh somehow hbk will be involved

    stone cold steve austin will somehow make it on the card, he should refree the main event

    sheamus will win
    jericho will win
    rock will win
    HHH will break the streak, yes yes i know but my gut feeling is somehow some way whether its a dirty victory or not HHH will win.

    money in the bank should still be on the list since its a very exciting match

    kane will have fued with someone
    big show, mark henry,orton and rey

    so as you can see this could be one of the best wrestlemania lineups in last 3-5 years. can't wait for raw tomorrow to see where hhh fued heads next

  • Ian Myers

    Orton shouldn’t be added to the WHC match, it makes no sense, he hasn’t earned that shot, plus Sheamus/Bryan in singles would be so poetic after getting bumped from the main card so unceremoniously last year. I think Orton & Big Show will face off in some way.

  • sami

    my predictions for matches…

    Sheamus vs Orton vs Bryan for world title (it needs a main eventer in their to go with Sheamus as Bryan is still building up his rep!)

    Taker vs Triple H

    Cena vs Rock

    Punk vs Jericho

    Return of a money in the bank ladder match maybe?

    I really want Kane to have some sort of a big match also epsecially with him being in the main event last night… predictions for Kanes opponent anyone?

    Also perhaps the returns of mysterio? Alberto del rio and Christan to the event? (maybe even sin cara! anything is possible)

  • Lewis

    Not sure why people think Orton will be put into the match he'll either be facing Wade or being the the team teddy vs team jonny match

  • jaypee21

    Unfair for Sheamus if they have a triple threat match for him since he won the rumble. a better idea would be- Orton winning the WHC on Smackdown before 'mania and make it Orton vs Sheamus (babyface vs babyface) for the title!

  • James

    Better off having Orton vs Christian and resume their feud. There isn't much point in him being in the World Title Match and his feud with Wade has ended. Can be like Orton vs Punk from last year, not a main event but a showstealer

  • It's funny because Sheamus and Bryan were in the dark match last Wrestlemania for the U.S title. Oh how a year can shake things up.

  • Andrew

    You can totally and Santino/Cody to that list. I said to friends before the match that I think if his push was ligit he’d pin Cody and they’d use that to start a fued.

  • jcud_theSaint

    Poor Edge, his latch wrestlemania match had to be against Del Rio, with Phunkasauras at ringside.
    FINALLY….CM Punk has come to having a main event, and that being against no one better than Y2J.
    Every could be last Undertaker match is never Taken for granted.
    And ever though it's been promoted for a whole damn year, ROCK vs CENA should live up to at least most of its hype.