Wrestlemania XXVIII News & Notes

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- Big Show can now be considered a triple-crown champion after his WWE Intercontinental Championship win at Wrestlemania XXVII. Show is also a former World Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion. (Thanks to WNW Reader Brandon Ceielo for sending this in.)

- Speaking of Big Show, his mother was ringside for his bout against Cody Rhodes and he hugged her afterwards.

- P Diddy introduced Machine Gun Kelly prior to their performance at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

- Torrie Wilson and New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez were shown sitting at ringside at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

- WWE wasted no time to tout the success of Wrestlemania XXVIII by issuing the following press release:

MIAMI, FL – April 1, 2012 – WWE® (NYSE: WWE) announced tonight that WrestleMania XXVIII set three records. With a sellout crowd of 78,363 fans from all 50 states and 36 countries, the annual pop culture extravaganza became Sun Life Stadium’s largest attended event and highest grossing entertainment event in history. Grossing $8.9 million, it was also the highest grossing live event in WWE history. The event was broadcast around the world on pay-per-view in more than 105 countries and 20 languages.

The previous Sun Life Stadium attendance record was 77,912 for the BCS National Championship in 2005. Its highest grossing entertainment event was U2 on June 29, 2011, grossing more than $7.5 million. WrestleMania XXVIII surpassed the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania in Houston, which grossed $7.2 million. This marks the third consecutive year WrestleMania broke the gross entertainment event record of the host venue.

“WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami-Dade County was an incredible event for WWE. WWE would like to thank our loyal fans, as well as the public and private sector partners for their tireless efforts to help make WrestleMania Week such a success,” said John P. Saboor, Senior Vice President of Special Events, WWE. “We now look forward to building on these achievements as we head to MetLife Stadium for WrestleMania XXIX next year.”

WrestleMania XXIX will take place on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Ticket information will be announced later this year.

  • Matt

    Wrestlemania should come to Ann Arbor, Michigan (just 30 minutes outside Detroit) to the Big House aka Michigan Stadium, can hold 115,000 people. 2013 Winter Classic will be there. Wrestlemania would do so well there, the sound is awesome, too.

    • Bigbdawg2003

      I’m from Michigan to and big house would be kind of cold you no mich weather it could be snowing in April but now that I think about it ny is the same way And I think metlife is a outdoor venue as well

    • Philg

      Sounds good anything thats close to me in London Canada ! That’s drivable!

    • Scottyo614

      And then it snows…

      This is coming from someone in Columbus. That 44 degrees Saturday woulda been miserable for wrestling outside

  • Joel

    I think Big Show is a former WWE champ as well. He beat Brock Lesnar for the belt once. I think it might have been at a Royal Rumble, back when Paul Heyman was his manager.

    • Nick

      You sir would be correct at Survivor series 2002 also of note he won the WWE Championship at Survivor Series 1999

  • Kleck

    Congratulations WWE! Congratulations Miami!

  • Jeremy

    Lol that was Show's WIFE, not his mother!!!!!!!

  • sdd619

    Big Show was already a Triple crown winner as he i a former US Champion. Also he won every title o now he is a grandslam champion too

  • Jay Riverz

    if that was his moms??!? disgusting

  • snuggle

    Big Show has held every title in wwe the Wwe, World, u.s., HARDCORE, tag, Ecw, wcw, and now intercontinental and he’s the only man with that honor.

    • sam

      he missed out on European, though!

  • Hamon

    How selfish of big show to accept that belt! his career is finished and Cody rhodes had the chance to be the longest reigning intercontinental champion of all time. Wwe really dropped the ball there!

  • Craig

    Richard, What about the fact that Cena and Orton both lost clean on the SAME night !!!

    • What are you talking about Orton has been putting people over since he moved to smackdown. Orton is in mid table mode right now, nothing concrete going on for him and he is just losing. think of the people orton has put over. Mark Henry, Wade Barret, Cody Rhodes, Kane. he lost to 3 of them clean as well. Orton is not near as bad as cena. He'll be drafted back to raw this year and then you'll see the cena like orton.

  • Dave Barton

    Big Show is much more than a triple-crown champ…

    WWE champ, WCW champ, ECW champ, World champ, US champ, Hardcore champ, and now IC champ. And that doesn’t even include his tag title reigns. Really, someone at WNW should have caught this.

  • eurosario

    Big Show is a grand slam champ as he held the hardcore,tag team,both major titles but the US title is still not a sub for the IC