Wrestlemania XXVIII Plans Revealed - Details On Three Top Matches Pitched Including A Dream Match In Addition To Cena vs. Rock, WWE Legend Lobbying For A Spot On The Card, Plans For The Undertaker & Backstage News On A Surprising Major WWE Top Name To Take Part In Challenging For The Streak

The top matches are beginning to take shape for Wrestlemania XXVIII. While the only confirmed bout is John Cena vs. The Rock, there are three other matches in preliminary plans.

The first match was revealed by Shaquille O'Neal in a media interview. While WWE officials weren't happy Shaq leaked he was in negotiations, he is still being pursued as a celebrity tie-in against Big Show. Company officials feel there is already an angle in place to sell the match. I'm told Kevin Nash has pushed for a match against Big Show in a "battle of giants," however, it's unknown if WWE has any interest in that should Shaq fall through.

The latest on The Undertaker is there are plans for him to compete at Wrestlemania. Much to chagrin of many, the favorite for his opponent is Triple H. I'm told Shawn Michaels has been pitched as the special guest referee to add a fresh element to an old match.

Finally, I've heard WWE is looking at doing CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho. With that being said, I do not have details on what WWE plans to do with the Jericho character.

  • Deryu

    Punk vs Jericho? Oh Hell yeah.

  • mjledesma

    I called punk vs jericho last week. Hopefully it comes into fruition.


    Yea HHH really is the only option that makes sense without burying anyone or ending the streak

  • gpturbo81

    hhh v taker has been done to death. stop beating a dead horse and get creative for a change

    • Billy

      It would be the third major match between these 2 in like 10 or 11 years. Done to death?

      • gpturbo81

        twice is enough for me

  • Patrick_Peralta

    1: Cena vs Rock —- Will Not Watch it. don't care about it not a Rock Fan.

    2: CM Punk Vs Jericho Will not Watch it. Don't care about it not a Jericho Fan

    3: Undertaker Vs HHH another boring Repeat match I'm a Fan of both BUT I "REFUSE" to watch it. Why can't they have Undertaker Face someone NEW. That is who he should face someone new not Someone he already beat At Wrestlemania 2 times before. what a Waste.

    4:: Big Show Vs Shaq sounds interestling.

    so Far 3 our of 4 matches I have no interest in seeing.

    I hope the rest of the card is good and I Daniel Bryan defends his title at Wrestlemania if he still has it by then because so far Wrestlemania sucks this year. at least for me it does I doubt I'll get the DVD.

    • Bault16


    • phillieblizzle

      Lol Patrick.. Out of those matches the only one that’s interesting is big show vs shaq? You’ve gotta be kidding?

      • Patrick_Peralta

        which is why I'm hopeing Daniel Bryan has his world title at Wrestlemania and defends it. The rest of the card I have no interest in.

        • Billy

          Daniel Bryan is more interesting then Jericho and the Rock? You sound like quite the purist.

    • James

      You must be so jaded

    • Jaryd

      So the only match that sounds interesting to you is the celebrity tie-in?… Kevin Dunn, I didn't know you were a WNW reader!

    • Alex

      So you don't find quality wrestlers such as the Rock, Punk, Taker, HHH interesting but you're all for a celebrity match?

      This is what's wrong with wreslting right now. "Fans" like this don't care about actual wrestling performance but rather lame gimmicks.

    • 7028brethart

      Big show v shaq does not sound interesting

  • urnemystic

    I still think they should use another established veteran in the undertaker match, Maybe someone like foley or booker t who he has had big programs with before and can pull off a big match when needed.

    • havoc525

      I like the Foley angle. Play on how much Mick.was able to get inside his head in the past. Foley has issues and is limited, but in 1 big match I think he could deliver.

  • Kleck

    I was hoping the WWE would push one final match for Stone Cold vs CM Punk ( obviously non title) if he still held it. I know it got tremendous buzz later last year

  • Gizzle

    Why bring Undertaker back to face the same person? We all know he will win so at least make it an interesting heel with actual heat like Miz, Del Rio or Wade Barrett.
    If it was good enough for Batista, Randy Orton, Edge, HBK etc then it's good enough for one of those other three.
    I've never understood the reasoning behind their booking. When he came back last year, instead of seeking revenge on Kane or Wade Barrett for burying him at Bragging Rights, he just let it slide and had a "dream match" (for the second time) against HHH.
    I'll be so pissed if they make it Taker v HHH again.

  • Max

    Taker vs Barrett that is an interesting concept…….would do wonders for simon's (wade) elevation but would the execs have that much faith in someone considered to still be up n' coming.

    I know it has been done to death but the only honest way that i can see HHH and Taker lacing up their boots is if it is a (yeah i know) retirement match……….here is an interesting idea………last man standing and they both get counted out thus both being retired and the streak left @ 19-0

  • rich

    i was hoping brodus clay would have already been added to the roster and go undefeated til wrestlemania and then have taker put him down. now i don't know if we will ever see brodus

  • Violet09

    Barrett can put on a strong match and lose while not looking weak, you know the match will be spotfest to get cheap crowd pop no matter who he faces

  • Steve

    If they are going with Punk/Jericho it is obviously going to be for the title…one would assume

    So that leaves the logical conclusion that Jericho is winning the rumble…right?

    WWE won't want to have Zig hold the title for that short of time (Rumble to Elimination) so…Punk just rides out with the title til Mania?

    If the title is in the picture I don't see any other option than Jericho winning the Rumble…unless they have the WWE title match before the Rumble…and Punk drops it, enters the Rumble and wins.

  • 7028brethart

    To bad dell rio is injured, would love to see him face the deadman at wrestle mania, he has what it takes for a great match.

  • MDK

    Patrick ur damn stupid, you probably have no idea what you are talking about, ur probably one of these new kiddie fans, who cant see cena lose, and u probably believe johnny ace is the best talent scout and i dont think you know who steve austin is, who bret is, who owen is, you have no idea about what sports entertainment is, so i guess you should shut up and mind your own business