Wrestlers Creating Finishers, No Union In Pro Wrestling, Why WWE Booked John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena, The Rock's Status In WWE

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How do the wrestlers come up with their finishing moves and what happens if another wrestler uses or has used that move in the past?

Workers come up with their own finisher and obviously if they are in WWE or TNA, the respective company has the right to modify anything they want to fit their character. Green workers, or rookies, are not supposed to use a popular worker's finisher as a sign of respect. This can still be done but the proper way to do it is to get that particular worker's blessing before just going out and using it. Failure to do so rubs people the wrong way and is certainly not how a newer worker would want to start out in the business. If someone showed up in developmental and just started using CM Punk's GTS, I'm sure they would be told not to use it.

Is there such thing as a wrestler's union? If no, what are medical benefits like?

There is no union in professional wrestling and workers function as independent contractors, not employees. For example, a WWE worker under a performer's contract agrees to the terms of the deal that stipulate while WWE has full control of them, they are not classified as an employee. Health insurance is to be bought by the individual and while WWE can offer referrals, it is up to the worker to maintain their own coverage. Obviously this is very controversial but my complaint is with workers that sign these contracts then try and go back and challenge their contents. You can't sign an agreement, waving all your rights then dispute it when you feel you should be treated differently.

What was the reason for WWE booking John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena at Over the Limit later this month?

As I reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium last week, John Cena was originally slated to take time off after his match against The Rock at Wrestlemania because he's battling hip problems. When Brock Lesnar re-signed with the company, John agreed to stay on to work a big money main event with him. There were some that thought he would take time off after Extreme Rules and now WWE has announced him for this month's pay-per-view against Johnny Laurinaitis. Perhaps it's a way of giving Cena time off without a real match, however, I do not know the specific reason why the match was booked. For the latest on Cena and time off, read my exclusive report posted at this link.

What is The Rock's status in WWE? Will he be returning anytime soon?

The Rock was written off of WWE television on Raw Supershow the night after Wrestlemania XXVIII for the immediate future. There has been talk about utilizing him for another pay-per-view before Wrestlemania XXIX next year but nothing has been confirmed.

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  • Matt

    I love having Brock Lesnar around but bringing in the Rock again would be awesome to see. WWE really hit it this year with all the big returns. Especially now that a lot of the roster is hurt and with Rey being suspended, main event is looking bleak.

    • Anand

      Rock is still one of the most popular wrestlers the WWE has ever produced (I would rate only Stone Cold as being more popular than him). Just hope he returns full-time to the WWE and entertains us like he did during the Attitude Era 🙂

  • chelu671

    This is just a heads up, but CM Punk has openly admitted he stole the GTS from popular Indy star KENTA.

    • Mikey b

      KENTA is not an indie star. He's a star in Japan. Thanks, get it straight buddy

      • Independent he said, he didn't say indie, if you're going to correct people "get it straight buddy."

        • Blazeking

          Independent refers to the indies.

    • Ian P.

      KENTA is awesome. I saw him and the American Dragon in a what seemed to be a 60 minute bout that felt like 5 mintues. Those two put on a clinic in ROH.

  • kyle

    I think Brock Lesnar should win the title around Wrestlemania time and then Rock challenge him for it at Wrestlemania. That way Rock could win since Brock beat him last time and get the title he wanted.

    • Anand

      Unless either Brock or Rock is returning full time back to the WWE, there is no point in letting a part timer win the WWE Title. If either party wins the title, who will defend it full time? It is rumoured that Brocks contract is only for a year and he wont be around after WM 2013. So, unless Rock is returning full time and can defend the title on a regular basis, I see no reason why either of them would win the title

      • Matt Scott

        Just to throw this out there but could the "point" be buyrates?

        • Anand

          For a star of Lesnars popularity, the presence or absence of the title belt wouldnt make much difference in the buy rates. Brock Vs Rock will blow the roof off any building irrespective of whether either of them holds the title belt.

          Do you Agree?

  • Monty

    All of you saying wwe is running out if main event talent should not ask them to bring tge older stars back but promote tge younger ones like Cody,ziggler etc, maybe Rick will work summerslam? Also on a side note Richard do you think wwe will do Austin vs punk at wrestlemania 29 or 30? I know it’s long time from now but what’s your gut feeling it would you want that as a wrestling fan? I hope one day soon rvd can cone back to wwe

  • Monty

    Also sting hopefully will do one run in wwe, there was some talk of Vince wanting to do sting DVD Once he retires. Wwe showed a lot if respect for him one superstars of 90s DVD. Also lastly once I want to see Kurt angle vs Daniel Bryan

    • Philip Thompson

      That could be good – and intense.

    • Anand

      Kurt Vs Daniel would be an Awesome match. I dont want to see D Bryan go to TNA, so, lets hope Kurt comes back to the WWE to make this dream match a reality