Wrestlers & Media Appearances, Beth Phoenix Buried, Another Return On 1000th Raw, Titles In WWE

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When workers do media appearances are they supposed to be in-character or out of character?

It really depends on the worker and the appearance. Sometimes workers are 100% in-character, sometimes they are 100% out of character and other times, it's a combination of the two. In the interviews I've done, I've experienced a little bit of everything and found it all depends on the worker's objective. There are some workers, such as Sheamus, that are usually always in-character which is definitely the "old school" mentality. However, there isn't one universal way to behave and it depends on the aforementioned factors.

What has Beth Phoenix done to get into the WWE doghouse?

Beth Phoenix has been booked horribly as of late and I don't have the answer as to why. When she dropped the Divas title to Nikki Bella after holding it for over 200 days, I thought it was a way to get the belt off Beth so they could program her in a competitive feud with Kharma. However, that hasn't been the case and Beth has gone from a dominant Diva to an afterthought.

With Road Dogg working as a WWE producer and Sean Waltman and Billy Gunn on the independent circuit, could we see a complete reunion of D-Generation X on Monday's 1000th Raw?

Jerry Lawler told The Miami Herald that he thought Road Dogg would be returning on the 1000th Raw next week. Sean Waltman said late last month that he had not been contacted by WWE to appear. I haven't heard anything from Bill Gunn but as is always the case, nothing can be ruled out.

Has WWE considered going back to one WWE Champion, an Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champions rather than the current setup?

I talked in detail about the title landscape in WWE here in this week's WNW Premium Mailbag. I like the model of having both a WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship but wouldn't mind seeing one secondary belt (keeping the Intercontinental title), the Divas Championship and Tag Team Championship. I like the two world titles because it gives WWE the opportunity to push two people as "top main event stars," however, there has been unification talk for years and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Aside from the touring schedule, the brand extension is over.

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  • just a fan

    this is just my opinion, drop the US title completely, move the WHC back to raw, make the IC title the main title on smackdown, make the WWE title the #1 title on both shows. anyone agree?

    • RYAN


    • Zach

      It is not a horrible idea at all, but it would take sooo long for the IC to ever regain it’s prestige. It was once considered to be the second-most important title.

    • jdl

      Hell no. The WHC has some measure of pedigree and history to it, you can't just demote that into a secondary championship. Especially on par with the IC title, as that would make it a complete afterthought.

  • opie

    During the boom of the 80s, there were only two belts plus the tag titles. During the attitude era, there was still only one world title. There should only be one now.

    • Ace

      There’s too much talent on the rosters to have one world title

      • British bulldog

        Correction… Too many “superstars” not enough “talent”!

        I hope for a unification of the 2 main titles and put the IC belt back as a big deal!

      • Ken

        Too many egos on the roster.

  • opie

    Here’s my point: WWE had a lot of talent in the 80s and was absolutely stacked during the attitude era, but there was always one champion. There’s a serious lack of top talent today, but we somehow need two world champions? Really? Does anybody actually see Sheamus as a world champion right now? No, CM Punk is the top guy, and Sheamus is just a guy with a large piece of jewelry. I’m not going to dignify what’s going on with any of the other belts.

    • Ken

      We need two world champions because the current Creative geniuses can't figure out how to write interesting storylines without a title being involved. Back in the 80's, back in the Attitude Era, every level of competition, from the top tier through the mid-card down to the curtain jerkers had compelling storylines and character development. These days, if you're not one of the four or five guys sniffing around a title belt they haven't a clue what to do with you.

    • The Breaker

      I think Sheamus has come a long way and definitely deserves to be working at the top of the card. After his match with Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, he was getting buried under the huge wave of support for Bryan. But since then he's gotten back over in a big way.

  • Rick

    I personally see the titles like the attitude era.. The wwe title is the main title. The world title has taken the spot of the intercontinental titles while it has take the spot of the former European title. The us title has been pushed down to the likes of the cruiser weight or hardcore title where anyone could wear the belt.

  • Moose666

    I would love seeing a complete DX reunion. It's possible, of course, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

  • Dougie

    1. We need the brands back!
    2. Raw for the main event stars with the WWE Title & IC Title
    3. Smack down for the mid card and developing stars with the WHC and U.S title
    4. NXT & FCW for the newbies
    5. New promotions in places like the UK and Australia
    6. Most important, figure out the bloody storylines before they televise it!!

    Let me explain number 6:
    Anonymous GM? Horns waggle? Really? Lil guy, kayfebe, couldn’t talk properly! Last minute job!

    I sense a slight debate!

  • Dougie

    Other thing, am I the only 1 thinking its gonna take a legendary tag team like the Old DX stable to rejuvenate the tag team division? Make them put over teams like the uso brothers.

    Oh got a suggestion for new GM, Road Dogg.

    Guys a legend ha

  • DoJo

    We will never see a full DX reunion no matter what – the reason???? No Rick Rude – passed away, no Tori – retired now a Yoga instructor & defo no Chyna – history &………..seriously messed up whilst persuing a ‘different’ career path lol It ain’t gonna happen – we MAY get the Dogg & x-pac – don’t know what has happened to billy gunn tbh…….. Am looking forward to 1000 though!!!!!!

  • Rob uk

    The title situation is difficult – I agree with some of the above. I think the US title should be dropped completely. The secondary titles are hardly defended and it serves no purpose nor does it help push the worker. The IC title needs to regain its creadabilty and this can only be done by having great angles and story lines and making the title worth while again. It use to be that if you win the IC title you were the second guy in the company and in line for a championship push. Now the WWE and WHC titles are different matters. Punks long run as champion has helped the title but at the same time the WWE championship not headlining a PPV has also weakend it. I think it will take extended title reigns and great matches/feuds to really make the WWE title number one again in the company. With no disrespect at all to Cena his status within the company really downgrades the belt as HE is the most important thing in WWE(maybe people should just win John Cena?). I don’t believe Cena pushes to always headline etc but it does have an effect. I think you need the WHC – it sadly holds even less importance than the WWE title but I think it allows guys like Sheamus, Ziggler, Rhodes (hopefully) to have a run with a belt and be in the main event scene. I think there are two many wrestlers for just one top title – not saying there are loads of great wrestlers, but unless your Cena WWE struggle with storylines that don’t involve a belt. Just my thoughts.

  • DC

    With it seeming like the seperate brand thing is over, I’d say unify the belts. I think it would go easier on the writing staff, because their story telling and the booking is kinda terrible (excluding aj punk Bryan)

  • KevMen

    Regarding DX…. I know it’s an extremely long shot but what about Chyna appearing too? Unless she’s to busy with porn!!!

  • Kai

    Get rid of the u.s. title bring back the European title, get rid of the ‘diva’ title and bring back the light heavyweight OR hardcore…

  • T D

    I think that the titles should be split equally instead of more unifications happening.

    Having one champion in both shows takes time away from other workers, talented people are degraded to jobbers and we have only like 1-2 storylines max which isn’t enough to hold two shows and most of all by so many people.

    Alone the fact that the unification of the Womans and Divas championship destroyed the divas division to pieces should be a indication cause the Divas have one title in both shows so most of the girls have nothing to do except of houseshows, sometimes nxt or superstars.

    No more real feuds or good storylines.

    Same thing with the tag team titles.

    I’d rather have the Divas championship staying on smackdown and bringing back the womans championship back on raw.

    Then let the world and ic title on raw and bring the wwe and us championships on sd.

    The tag titles should be fine by competing on both shows but all the other titles are needed as also more storylines and feuds to keep things interesting.

    They spend most of the time feeding us commercials and flashbacks of ONE storyline instead which is bad for the future of both shows in my opinion cause due to this they are lacking on entertainment value.

  • jeff

    no keep the WHC and WWE belts (one raw other smackdown) maybe merge that US and IC into something new, revamp the tag team division make more elctric, Keep the cruiserweight belt (thats like the agile high flyers WHC/WWE) and YESS BRING BACK THE HARDCORE BELT, IN GENERAL TAKE WWE BACK TO THEIR ROOTS, and market the divas similar to TNA knockouts, scre the diva belt bring back the womans champion like this gurentee they wont be losing fan base like that, cause the direction their going in now, doesnt seem like theyll be on top in other 20years TNA is on WWE heels right now, why think TNA got majority of former WWE stars