Wrestling News World Considered A "Dirt Sheet", The Booking Of Cena vs. Laurinaitis On Sunday, Brooke Hogan To TNA?, Why Ric Flair Is Paid Big Money

Do you consider WrestlingNewsWorld.com a "dirt sheet"?

I was asked in this week's Premium Mailbag if being labeled a "dirt sheet" offended me. I feel that this website exists to break kayfabe and explain to interested wrestling fans what is going on behind-the-scenes. It's also our job to report about backstage happenings that relate to the product. If that makes us a "dirt sheet," I take no offense to the term what-so-ever. However, we are not a slimy gossip rag that will post anything as long as it looks "juicy." I make a judgment call on every story I run and when I do post something in relation to a worker's personal life, I try to be as respectful as possible.

How do you see John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis being booked at WWE Over the Limit?

With the stipulation currently in place, it's made to look like John Cena is going to destroy the over-the-hill Laurinaitis, however, I can think of two workers that in storyline are not considered "WWE Superstars." Brock Lesnar and Big Show. Obviously the match will provide an opportunity for either one of them to interfere in order to "help" Laurinaitis "take out" Cena but I have not heard the creative plans for the match.

Has TNA really signed Brooke Hogan?

Scott Steiner insinuated on Twitter that Hulk Hogan is bringing Brooke into TNA but I cannot confirm his claims. I couldn't imagine Brooke in TNA going over well with the roster as Garett Bischoff has drawn plenty of criticism for his push many feel is unwarranted although nothing involving Hogan or Bischoff surprises me. These guys are masters at manipulating the system for their own personal gain that is in front of TNA's success as a company.

Why doesn't TNA just release Ric Flair?

While people like Scott Steiner despise Flair drawing a big paycheck from TNA, he has a job because of who he is. TNA feels that Ric Flair gives them an opportunity to promote a major name and in a lot of cases, he's the most well-known name on a live event. Remember when TNA ran in my hometown of Beckley, West Virginia this February? The entire town was buzzing about Ric Flair coming to down, not TNA. When I got to the show to interview talent, there was genuine concern Flair wasn't going to show up. He didn't show up at the show in Glenville, WV the following night and no-showed last weekend's live events in Louisiana. He wasn't at Sacrifice on Sunday and I honestly do not know of his status in the company.

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  • stoney

    TNA need to fire Team Hogan (Hulk, Bischoff, Garrett and Flair)

  • Ricky

    I could see Big Show turning heel at OTL but doing so wouldn't make much sense. Would make more sense for Brock to run in and Trips running interference, before Brock inserts himself in the match.

  • Dunstan

    The biggest thing preventing me from ever thinking of WNW as a dirt sheet is the fact that you very rarely have to take anything down due to it being false information. In addition to this, you almost always have sources to back up what you are saying, and if you don't you say so.

  • Higgins

    This isn’t a dirt sheet, this is a pet shop. The best damn pet shop in town

  • smark

    Flair maybe no showing because his daughter may have been hired by wwe

  • Zach Folsom

    I heard austin "conscecuenses" creed was signed in FCW a while ago. For the next ask WNW , how do you think the WWE wil use him and what character would you like to see him portray?

  • TEX

    Any wrestling site such as yours is considered a " Dirt Sheet " .

  • Kevin

    I wonder if WWE isn't about to make a Big Show/Brock rivalry. At first I thought that Big Show might be the one to "help" Johnny Ace beat Cena, but now I'm wondering if Brock isn't going to be the one, and Show runs out to attack Brock on behalf of Cena. Then on MNR the following night, Brock comes out and announces he's changed his mind and doesn't want to quit, so Johnny Ace allows him back. Then Brock tells Johnny to rehire Show so he can get his payback. Show v. Brock would be quite a match.