Wrestling News World iPhone App Version 2.0 Now Available In The App Store

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The official iPhone application of WrestlingNewsWorld.com has been updated to Version 2.0 and is now available here in the App Store.

Be sure and check out the new facts feature and be advised all content, including Premium content is now available!

  • wnwdotcom2

    The site now functions on the Android phone. It also functions on IPhone 3G.

    • Craig

      we want an app for Android

  • rgarethb

    Will there be an app for Android users?

    • Tomazo

      Nice job. The app, so far, kokos great and versatile!

  • Logan

    Erm it says i Need IOS 4.3 But ive Got a iPhone 3G any chance that it could be for all IOS

    • Logan

      Not Just 4.3 ?

  • ashley

    its just like the mobile site

  • Michael

    Finally! Been waiting on the update for so long!! Looks amazing so far, absolutely no bugs, and no flaws. Great job. Worth the wait 🙂

  • imneveral0ne

    an android app would be nice…

  • Who?

    Its nice but I liked it when it was ad free….

  • Sean

    Awesome app thank you WNW

  • Ryan

    You need a refresh button somewhere. I noticed I wasnt getting any updates, then clicked on home somewhere in a menu and got new posts!

    Also how about some push notifications?

  • Jason from Australia

    Love it.

  • Thomas

    I’m having issues with viewing embedded videos on the new update. I have an iPhone 3GS and currently using the iOS 5 software. I’d like any information or advice, thank you.

  • wnwdotcom2

    We are still working some bugs out of the App as the update was rushed to get it out. However, if you access WrestlingNewsWorld.com in Safari, it is fully functional.

  • Hell Yeah!!!

    I can once again read all the latest Wrestling News from the toilet. If you want to use that as one of your official reviews feel free 🙂

  • hurrigame

    Great job updating the iOS app, Richard. Now where's the app love for all of us Android users?

  • Doc

    The app is good although it tends to change text sometimes from story to story and the ads can get in the way sometimes. I also second the push notifications, that would be great.