Wrestling News World Reader Report From #RawChicago

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Wrestling News World reader Jake Monhaut attended this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago, Illinois and sent in ht following report:

I just got home from Chicago Raw. Great show. My sixth Raw I've attended live. Just some notes.

Daniel Bryan/HHH segment was insane live.

Couldn't hear a word Stephanie said every time she spoke. Chants drowned it out.

Huge pop for Uso win.

It seemed no-one cared for Sheamus/Christian match. Different chants throughout.

Of course the Punk chants were crazy all night. You could tell the crowd got tired by the end of the night.

EVERYONE thought Punk was going to come out at the end, and the place completely died when we realized he wouldn't.

Lesnar threw that monitor and it went in the stands. A huge gasp fell over my entire section. Thankfully everyone seemed ok.

Great show, but huge letdown with no Punk.

CM Punk all night
Daniel Bryan (is it possible to be more over?)
Uso win
Ziggler entrance

Heyman entrance (no Punk)
Michael Cole

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  • BIG M

    Bryan the Uso’s and Ziggler got the biggest pops from a crowd in years on this weeks Raw.

    Seems its not just internet fans who want more focus on the new breed in WWE and less focus on the old guard who are coming back as part timers now.

  • JIlligian

    The Uso’s suck seriously tag champions? They are nowhere near MCMG’s Young Buck’s Bad Influence American Wolves and a whole lot more tag teams.

    It shows how pathetic PG RAW is that two baby Umaga’s are “over”. I watched WWE for Punk only but It will be TNA ROH and NJPW only from now.

    • outkazt09

      Cry baby.

      • JIlligian

        In what way?

        • jman72485


    • jman72485

      What are you a talking about dude? The Usos are a sick tag team and possibly on of the best in recent years in the WWE. They work really well together.

    • Xavier

      Perhaps your really upset because RAW has been booked really good the past few weeks and your realizing that even without your boy Punk the WWE is still successful? Or that the hijacking of RAW wasn’t a success either?

      • JIlligian

        Yeah awesome booking! I can’t get enough of all these dance off’s and Divas tag matches. Oh and lets not forget the top babyface BOOtista being puffed out after two minutes in every match.

        • Xavier

          I guess you must of missed the Paul Heyman promo at the beginning of the show or the great tag match we got between the Usos/Outlaws that the fans were on fire for. Or the great promo work between Bryan, Triple H & Stephanie. Perhaps you also missed the 2nd epic encounter between the Wyatts & The Shield and the huge pop that Cesaro got.

          • JIlligian

            Heymans promo was great but it was WWE shitting on the fans again. Bryan awesome promo as usual but seriously HHH thats the payoff for Bryan? there is no guarantee D-Bry will win (see Punk HHH 2011) Cesaro is the latest craze like Fandango Ziggler Ryder etc the WWE will end up burying him. Some glorified foreign body-builder delivering a crap promo. Cena is still forced on the fans and the fact of the matter is if the Punk rumour wasn’t out people would have turned off. WWE is now at the same stage as the last period of WCW terrible booking and poisonous backstage politics.

          • Xavier

            “if the Punk rumour wasn’t out people would have turned off”

            That’s laughable at this point, considering that RAW the past few weeks has been doing higher then normal ratings the past few weeks. Punk is nowhere near the draw that you think he is. When are Punk fans going to realize that Punk made the choice to leave on his own, if he really cared about you guys he would of never left but go ahead and keep drinking the “CM Punk is the victim” koolaid

            “WWE is now at the same stage as the last period of WCW terrible booking and poisonous backstage politics”

            WWE is nowhere near where the WCW was back in 2000/2001, WWE is still turning in huge profits. As a matter of fact Vince McMahon is once again a billionaire according to forbes. And if the WWE is in it’s last period as you suggest then who’s going to buy them out? TNA? Lol.

          • JIlligian

            The reason WCW went under was because of poor booking, the backstage crap and failure to push news stars Nash was still star in 2000 just like BOOtista is brought back now ahead of Bryan, because of this the companies profits fell and they collapsed. The WWE may be profitable now but the same toxic situation on the wrestling side that happened at WCW looks like it is happening at the E, but then what do you expect from a company which denies it is a wrestling company. If WWE continues going against the fans they will turn away. Oh and lets see how successfull the network is, it has already caused friction with the USA network and might be a total failure. #Cough Cough XFL Cough#

          • outkazt09

            You don’t understand that you cannot just target just a certain demographic. You cannot just cater to smarks all the time. You gotta cater to the kids, adults, casual viewer, etc….

          • Bob’s Diner

            All that stuff you think is happening now has been happening for ten years. And WWE is probably more profitable right now than ever

          • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

            I agree. If the show had not been in Chicago the chants would not have been so extreme.

        • There were no dance-offs last night and useless Bootista isn’t a face, though he did get blown up. Last night was great. I mean *really* great. Cena was barely present last night. It was fantastic.

          • JIlligian

            Bootista was booked as a face but the reaction was so bad he was turned heel. Emma Santino vs Fandango Summer again, it was mildly funny the first time.

          • *Very* mildly funny. Emma’s character is already on my nerves. I did finally see the NXT match and she can work, though she’s not the showstopper I was told she was. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by great ringwork by others. Either way, this stupid dancing gimmick she’s being saddled with isn’t the least bit fair and I hope it goes away sooner than later.