WrestlingNewsWorld.com Exclusive Live Interview With Christopher Daniels

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Welcome everyone to The Point of Impact! I usually do this for TNANews.com, but this show has TNA Wrestling star Christopher Daniels as a special guest!

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  • Nostaljack

    Chris comes off as a nice guy and a total professional. He carried this entire interview. Alex, on the other hand, needs serious work. He comes off as borderline terrified and awkward, the questions are generally incomplete (Daniels had to decipher more than a few of them before he answered), and there are times it *appears* Alex isn’t even listening to the answers – simply saying “that’s interesting” and immediately (and nervously) moving on. The interview grinds to an incredibly painful halt when Daniels answers Alex with regard to how long he plans to wrestle. I won’t spoil the answer but Alex completely folded when Daniels gave it. The end of the interview is just painful. It was rather obvious that Daniels was over it.

    What comes through more than anything is how nervous Alex was throughout the interview. If Alex is going to do interviews, he has to learn to drive the car. Most of all, he has to learn to *relax*. Stage fright comes across *horribly* over audio. He did not relax and it made the interview hard to listen to at times. I apologize if any of this seems disrespectful but I can only call it as I hear it.

  • Chalon

    Well for the interviewer, you seem a little shy…

    • Yeah, from the late delay to the “question to question” style without any transition isn’t my cup of tea. It was “on the fly” while my other interview was really planned out and it showed… at least for me.

  • Nostaljack

    I posted a comment that has obviously been deleted. A shame, really. Now, I’m not sure why I’m bothering to do it again. Anyway, Alex comes off incredibly awkward and nervous. Just own it, for crying out loud. Why delete messages?

    • I didn’t delete it….

      • Nostaljack

        I posted it a long time ago. I watched it go up. This is the *only* time I’ve posted something and it’s disappeared. Odd…

        • Strange but all I can say is that I didn’t delete it. I encourage compliments and criticisms. Thanks for the input though.

          • Nostaljack

            I pretty much called out the things I found awkward and offered constructive criticism. Since you seem to genuinely want it, I’ll offer it again. First, you *have* to prepare. Having done interviews myself numerous times, they never come off well when you aren’t prepared. Second, you can’t be star-struck. You seemed to be and it really disturbed the flow of the interview. Third, go with whatever happens. Learn to vamp. Delays aren’t the end of the world; expect them. Daniels totally carried you which was worthwhile but you pretty much fell apart. It didn’t have to go that way had you just relaxed and been prepared beforehand. Anyone else would have eaten you alive. Daniels was quite polite and professional so he still gave you what you needed. Still, nice to hear from him.

          • Thanks, appreciate it. I wrote to Chalon above about how I wasn’t as prepared as I was with my interview it the past. It sure makes a difference. Lots of things caught me off guard. Should have had a whole “plan B” set up. At any rate, you learn from past experiences. Thanks for the input.

    • Matt

      I saw your original comment. God knows why that got deleted.

      • Nostaljack

        Glad someone saw it. At least I know I’m not crazy… LOL! It was likely taken as the all-out assault on Alex that I *didn’t* intend. Not too much of a mystery to me. When Alex says he didn’t delete it, I believe him. He’s not the only one capable of doing it. It’s all good, though; I made my point. Onward and upward…