Wrigleyville Pizzeria To Serve Another CM Punk-Inspired Pizza; Watch A Message From The Triple H Puppet Here

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Dimo's Pizza (formerly Ian's Pizza, when they released the GTS Pizza), a pizzeria in Wrigleyville, will be serving another CM Punk-inspired pizza for a limited time, the Anaconda Vice Pizza, starting the week of March 26. The pizza reflects Punk's switch to vegan eating habits, and features black beans, Upton’s chorizo seitan, vegan bacon bits, dairy-free cheese, chopped tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and parsley. CM Punk was quoted as saying the following:

"I’ll be sharing an Anaconda Vice Pizza with my friends as soon as I get home from Wrestlemania. It will be my reward for serving Jericho the fat slice of humble pie he deserves.”

Click here for more.

-An official YouTube channel for the Triple H puppet from "Are You Serious?" has been opened, and the first video is embedded below:

  • Dangerous Lee

    That pizzas gotta taste like crap. Non dairy cheese?! Vegan bacon?! Are you serious bro?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    CM Punk fallowing Daniel Bryan's Vegan footsteps… but if he wishes to change his eating habits more power to him…

  • Kleck

    So what’s the difference between regular bacon and ‘vegan’ bacon? Seems convenient you can make anything vegan by throwing a label on it

    • Don

      Um… Vegan bacon isn't made from an animal. That's kind of a big difference…… It's like saying "What's teh difference of regular bacon and bacon from a human?? Yikes…

  • Bob

    They made a Twitter for a puppet? That’s a whole episode of Are you Serious in itself.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Yummy! CM Pizza with the "works". Vegans need love too I guess. I'll have that with the "Anaconda Wings" (made with tofu chicken, obviously) and a large Pepsi to go (Even this is makin me hungry….)