Writing For WWE, Christian Demoted Upon Return, Why Fans Are Against Raw's Expansion, Shooting On TNA For Hiring Brooke Hogan

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Have you ever written for WWE or have you ever considered doing it?

While many feel WWE would never hire an internet writer to their creative team, it's been done before as the company recently hired former Baltimore Sun writer Kevin Eck. While Eck wasn't a reporter that broke news, he did blog frequently on the company and was honest in his assessments. I also had some friends that wrote with me back in the early-2000s that went on to work in the WWE creative department so while WWE may frown upon me in my current position I guess it's not out of the realm of possibilities that they'd be interested in me. With that being said I haven't worked for WWE and it would not be something I would be interested in. My position here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com allows me to cover the business on my own terms without having to abide by anyone else's guidelines. I would also have a problem with the company's travel schedule as I wouldn't want to be on the road all the time away from my family.

Christian returned to WWE on Sunday at Over The Limit to win the Intercontinental Championship, a mid-card title. Is this seen as somewhat of a demotion or is Christian still considered a main-event talent?

Christian has had to scratch and claw for his position in WWE but he's currently viewed as an upper mid-card talent. While he's working as a face after his return at the pay-per-view on Sunday, I feel his best work is as a heel. Christian's spot as Intercontinental Champion is certainly a demotion from competing for the World Heavyweight Championship, however, I'm sure guys like The Miz would love to have his spot.

I love the idea of Raw expanding to three hours but based on the opinions I've seen around the internet, I'm in the minority. Why do you think this is and what are your thoughts?

The recent quality of programming certainly plays a factor in the lack of enthusiasm from the fan base regarding Raw Supershow's expansion to three hours. While there have been some shades of brilliance, many of the shows have been like "pulling teeth" at times. In order for WWE to be successful with their expansion, they are going to have to present something that is going to make fans want to tune in a full three hours. From an internal standpoint, the writers are dreading it because of how chaotic the tapings already are with two hours of live television. While I discussed my thoughts in detail in yesterday's WNW Premium Mailbag, I'm not looking forward to the expansion more than anyone else. WWE is better off leaving the fans "wanting more" and that's going to be very hard to accomplish.

What is your personal opinion on TNA hiring Brooke Hogan?

The hiring of Brooke Hogan as an executive in TNA Wrestling is clearly the result of Hulk Hogan flexing his muscle to give Brooke something to do. I disagree with it and think it's absolutely ridiculous. Brooke is not a wrestler and is in no position to be in charge of anyone. Moves like this do nothing but hurt locker room morale and cause resentment for upper management. One reader tried to compare the hiring of Brooke Hogan to Shane and Stephanie McMahon working in WWE and while there are similarities, the McMahon kids had to work their way up before they were ever in charge of anything. If Hulk absolutely had to employee his daughter, he could have eased her along in a role where she wasn't labeled an "executive" out of the gate. What's next, letting Nick run talent relations?

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  • Norman

    After you wrote this article, Nick became head of talent relations. GOOD JOB!

  • Brandon from south Africa

    Thanks, Richard for answering my question about Christian. I’m stoked he won the Intercontinental Championship, but it means he’s working the mid-card. Christian should continue where he left off, competing in the WHC. Maybe he’ll get back to the top, because SmackDown’s main event is quite thin.

    • Miles

      I’d say they are using him as they did in the new ecw, to help elevate and build talent which would be a smart move.

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    if raw is 3hours then all ppvs should be 4hrs and the top 4 ppvs should be 5hrs!!!

  • Mark

    If the WWE had a good cruiserweight division, the three hours wouldn't be bad. WCW did the three hours for Nitro and I actually enjoyed a lot of what I saw. Plus some shows, moreso during the nwo/sting era, left you wanting more and it showed in the ratings. WWE could pull it off but they have to let wrestling take place and not just entertainment storylines.

  • anon

    just don't let him drive the shuttle around the Universal lot…

  • Alex P

    I wouldn't call Christian's spot a demotion either…I mean the guy came back and immediately had a title slapped on him. I mean I know it's just a mid-card title but it can't hurt one bit!

  • Brandon

    Hogan and Bischoff thinks that they can relive the "McMahon's children" back in 2000's into TNA where they brought their own children but they didn't realized that their children is not into wrestling at all. Brooke Hogan is a failure as a singer and now she's going to consult the Knockouts about what? Poor TNA. How a pretty descent company with great X-Division features now fell to these…

  • David

    Yeah didn't Shane McMahon start out in the company putting the ring together and then was a referee?

  • Patrick_OToole

    Nick could be the head of the Travel Department and drive talent to and from shows… too soon?

    • outkazt09

      LAWLS nice one man

  • Howard Stern

    I agree, WWE has really been boring lately, full of errors as well. The only exciting thing to happen recently was Brock Lesnar showing up for Extreme Rules.

  • havoc525

    Maybe the switch to 3 hour Raws will make putting the minor PPV’s on “The Network” a little more feasible. Then you add an hour to the other 4 and have massive shows 4 times a year.

  • BIGRAN77741

    Brooke bettr not touch the knockouts. she be an executive in food & beverage. or a waitress for the studio audience. I WATCH TNA OOOOONNNNLLLYYYY FOR THEKNOCKOUTS. THEM R SOME FINE AZZ LADIES OHYEAH TITZ N AZZ

  • Lenny

    GiveI agree with the 3 hours because it Guys like Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, and the rest of the low and mid carders a spot on Raw to have their chance to shine!

  • Jaryd

    To be fair I don't see the problem with moving to 3 hours. With Smackdown storylines running on Raw it roughly means Raw only has 25% of the weekly airtime so I think tacking another 45 minutes of air time is a good idea.

  • Chris

    I just saw a Brooke Hogan movie called '2 Headed Shark'. Unbelievable!

  • Herman Tank

    Christian demoted? That's stupid. That would mean the Big Show was recently demoted as well. And what about the guys without titles? That would mean they must be close to fired. Not everyone can be world champ all at once so relax.

  • Matt

    Next TNA will hire Nick Hogan as a Limo Driver

  • @jblack424

    I haven’t watched raw but I read results and check this website for info and its cause of mania. I watched both ppvs on internet though. Now to questions 1.Christian winning the title is no demotion. Wwe will push whoever they want when they want and won’t care about what they did in the past months leading up to it. Henry slumps wins hw title and dominated. Bryan terrible run where everyone thought wade barrett would take his mitb case. Next he cashes in world champ and kills it til mania. Punk lost almost every match til his big breakthrough all cause of talent and contract situation. Jericho comes back to lose almost every match he is in. its just obvious what you do now doesn’t matter for future for most part. Wwe pushes who they want when they want. 2.wwe raw to 3 hours could be awesome or terrible but that’s about the time ill go back to watching raw .3 brooke hogan should come in as a manger for wrestlers. Argue with hogan but she can’t be touched as he still her father. let her manage a gunner slash date or someone you want to elevate to a main event level or a garrett in love with brooke and fights for her lol(just kidding on that one)

  • _JIM_

    People are so against Raw going to 3-hours because we can remember what happened to WCW Nitro after it went to 3-hours. It wasn’t long after they made that switch that the whole company went under. Not saying that WWE will go under, but not learning from the mistakes others have made in the business world is not a very smart way of running your business. If Raw was the only show of the week this would be a positive move, but now they have 5 hours of programming to fill every single week for their 2 biggest and most important shows. I just think that is over exposing the product and people aren’t going to like it because it is going to have to effect the product negatively. They are having enough trouble filling the 4 hours they already have with quality stuff. So it just doesn’t make sense to me to add another hour to that…

  • Philip Thompson

    Shane and Stephanie both knew the business inside out before they ever got anywhere in WWE – they had to work in lower positions and work their way up – of course being family got them higher faster than it otherwise would have but that's to be expected as they were to be inheriting the company (or at least a big chunk of it) so that's perfectly normal practice. Christian deserves to be in the main event picture and I think Miz works well when he's one of the top heels. I think you need to retain one lower level belt for up-and-comers like Cody Rhodes and one for guys who you want to reward for their work and have faith in but you couldn't put the world title on because of their character – like Santino Marella. If only every new tag team didn't get the belts after two weeks.

  • Chris Corkhill

    What are you people panicking for this is a billion dollar company that have been trying to sign lots of top wrestlers, they have been endlessly trying to improve the product shown on tv every week and they haven’t done alot of post wrestlemania job cuts like usual. All this is going to do is allow wwe to hire more top wrestlers and give the lower card chance to breakthrough to the top, it’s a great idea for raw to go to 3 hours and I personally can’t wait to see the new workers and the up and coming talent. The reason wcw failed was because they wern’t putting a show on anymore and giving the world heavyweight title to un deserving trainwrecks. You can’t base how successful this will be on how badly another company did in the past. I’m sure vince and his masterful mind has looked at how and why wcw failed and decided to go against what they did. WWE doesn’t have mindless numbskulls running the show, it has one of the greatest minds in our lifetime running it and as much as I’m all for a few things changing I.E how much control he has on commentary we are talking about a man who owns a billion dollar company while we sit here writing about his minor mishaps while he concentrates on looking at the big picture. I say we leave him to it and trust he knows what he is doing and we can enjoy the show or if/when it fails you can log on to your computer sign in this this website and rant about how you were right vince was wrong but yet he will still be the man with the billion dollar company while we will still be a viewer with an opinion

  • Kevin

    TNA just hired Nick as their Executive in Charge of Transportation. After all, he does have a stellar driving record. LMFAO